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29th May, 2024

Common Myths about Music Production, Debunked

There is a lot that goes into music production which requires understanding, skill and talent. But unfortunately, as with many industries, music production is also the subject of many myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings which can give those with strong understanding, great skills and natural talent the wrong impression.

Whether it’s about the role music producers play in the industry to incorrect assumptions about who can become a music producer, the more light that can be shed on this career the better.

In this article, we’ll debunk 11 of the most common myths that have lingered in the minds of music enthusiasts and aspiring producers for far too long.

12 Common Myths about Music Production

Myth 1: You Need Expensive Gear to Make Quality Music

It is understandable that artists just starting out assume that you need the most high quality gear available to produce the highest quality music. But the reality, especially in today’s day and age, is that there are many successful producers who started with basic equipment. 

The accessibility to good quality, yet affordable, gear makes entering the music industry easier than ever. As you get more and more successful, you can evolve your DJ and music production set up over time.

Myth 2: Auto-Tune Fixes Everything

Auto-tune is a tool–a very useful one–but it is not a magic wand. It can help to correct pitch and add a level of musical creativity but it cannot work as a supplement to an authentic, great performance. 

Ultimately, you will still need to invest the time and effort in honing the right music production skills and not rely on auto-tune as a get out of jail free card.

Myth 3: Producers Just Press Buttons

This myth is baffling to many DJs and artists but it is persistent. The reality is that, though modern music making is heavily computer and software dependent, it’s about a lot more than pushing buttons.

Creating a sonic experience is a complex art involving composition, arrangement and sound design, in addition to creativity, skill and a fine ear. It’s a unique blend of both art and science.

Myth 4: Successful Music Equals Mainstream Popularity

Success is subjective at its heart. Mainstream popularity is one form of success but it might not be the right metric for you.

Many thriving and successful artists and producers find fulfillment and happiness outside of mainstream appeal. There is a wide world of genres and niche markets that offer rich opportunities. Find your groove and stick with it!

Myth 5: All Producers Are DJs (and Vice Versa)

Music producers can be DJs as well, and vice versa, but each role is actually distinct and necessitates different skills and talents. 

At its base, producing music involves creating new music whilst DJing involves mixing pre-existing music and, for many, playing before a live audience. There is a lot of crossover to be sure, but there are still a lot of areas of distinction. 

Myth 6: You Must Follow Trends to Succeed

Trends, in music and beyond, come and go. Authenticity and innovation often lead to greater success. In the world of music production, having an artistic vision and a unique voice will help you find and resonate with a passionate audience. 

Who knows? You might just start a trend yourself. Besides, as the saying goes, if your target audience is everybody then it’s nobody.

Myth 7: You Need a Hit Single to Make It

Long term success in music production goes beyond a one hit wonder or even an initial hit single. 

Music production requires consistency and diverse skills built and refined over a sustainable career. Building a lasting musical legacy requires discipline and a focus on the long term, rather than quick (and often cheap) success. 

Myth 8 : Talent Alone Is Enough

Talent is an invaluable thing, especially in music production. It offers a strong foundation from which to grow but it is not, in and of itself, enough. Hard work, dedication and continuous learning are equally, if not more, crucial.

There are many, many talented musicians and artists out there, but in the music industry the producers that succeed are the ones with discipline, grit and perseverance. Dedication to the artform will get you far further than just raw talent. 

Myth 9: Only Young Artists Succeed

Age is just a number–that’s what people say and it reflects a deeper truth. Many artists find success later in life. Many young artists enjoy only fleeting success in their youth. 

There is no such thing as a one rule fits all in the music production industry. Besides, experience and maturity offer a unique perspective and a more refined approach in many ways to producing and making music. 

Myth 10: The Music Industry Is Saturated

This myth about music production is one of the more understandable ones because it is based on a related truth: The industry is very, very competitive. But there is also always room for new, fresh and exceptional talent. Nowadays, access to music is ubiquitous so there is both more competition but more avenues to reach niche audiences. 

The more you are able to build a unique brand, hone your skills and connect with your defined audience the more you will be able to carve out a special place of your own in the market.

Myth 11: Mixing and Mastering Fix Everything

Like auto-tune, mixing and mastering are essential tools but you should think of these functions as polish. You can and should use them to polish your track and lift it to the next level but not to supplement the core materials.

Mixing and mastering cannot fix something that is broken. The quality must start and end at the recording stage and then be elevated through your use of mixing and mastering.

Myth 12: DIY Means Doing Everything Alone

Doing it yourself, or DIY, does not mean working in isolation. It doesn’t mean working alone, but it means working independently.

Collaboration with others, seeking advice from industry mentors and colleagues, and building a supporting network is essential. The music industry thrives on partnerships and collaborations. 

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