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What Is The Best DJ Controller? A 2019 Buyers Guide By DJ City
13th November, 2019
What Is The Best DJ Controller? A 2020 Buyers Guide By DJ City

What Are The Best DJ Controllers? Jump to: | Best Beginner Choice | Best Premium Choice | Best Pocket Controller | Cheap DJ Controller/Best Value With technology continuing to advance, the typical DJ setup has changed exponentially over the last few decades, and more and more DJ’s are turning to DJ Controllers. Catapulting to the […]

How To Copyright Music - Guide for Australians
6th November, 2019
How To Copyright Music (A Guide For Australians)

If you’re creating and putting out music, it’s only natural as an artist to want to make sure your music is protected. Having ownership of your music copyright gives you the leverage, protection, and power you need if you’re making money from your songs. So, in this article, we’ll go over what exactly copyright is, […]

What Are The Best DJ Headphones - DJ City Buying Guide
29th October, 2019
What Are The Best DJ Headphones? A Buying Guide by DJ City (2020)

Whether you’re gearing up for your first gig, or just looking to improve your setup, a good pair of DJ Headphones will go a long way. Sure, you can use any old pair of headphones or earphones with your setup; but a good pair of DJ headphones will help you take your set to the […]

What Is Music Therapy - A Guide by DJ CIty
29th October, 2019
What Is Music Therapy?

As music lovers, we’re passionate about music! However, music is not only used for recreational purposes but boasts many therapeutic benefits as well. The Australian Music Therapy Association defines music therapy as a research-based practice and profession in which music is used to actively support people as they strive to improve their health, functioning, and […]

How To Clean A Record: Guide for audiophiles
15th October, 2019
How To Clean A Record: A Guide For Audiophiles (2019)

As digital technology is growing at an exponential rate, and platforms such as Spotify and Apple music are taking hold of the music industry; you’d be forgiven for presuming vinyl records were a thing of the past. However, that’s just not the case! As reported by the Rolling Stone, vinyl is poised to outsell CD’s […]

How To Sample A Song - A Complete Guide To Sampling
10th October, 2019
How To Sample A Song: A Complete Guide To Sampling

The definition of sampling involves taking a portion, or “sample” of a song or recording, and reusing it as an element of a new recording. Typically done with a sampler such as an MPC, or digitally using your favourite DAW accompanied by a MIDI controller such as the popular MPK Mini. Sampling has been a […]

start a podcast - podcast equipmet
3rd October, 2019
Start A Podcast: The Ultimate Guide To Podcasts

As a DJ or music producer, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in content and digital marketing, and one of the most popular and widely consumed formats of content in 2020 is podcasts. In this article, we go through the fundamentals of podcasting, and why you should start one if you haven’t […]

1st October, 2019
What Is The Best Audio Format for DJ’s? – DJ City 2019 Guide

What is the best audio format? Which one should you be using as a DJ? These are just some of the questions that have been heavily debated since the inception of digital audio formats. But at the end of the day, the answers are completely subjective, and the one that’s best for you will come […]

19th September, 2019
How To Start A Record Label: The Complete 2019 Guide

In today’s day and age, starting an independent label can be as easy as saying you have one.  Between the internet and streaming, it’s never been easier to start a record label. Growing a successful one is another thing, and requires lots of hard work and commitment. However, being small has its advantages, and if […]

5 Ways To Get Your Music Heard: A Complete Guide For 2019
13th September, 2019
5 Ways To Get Your Music Heard: A Complete Guide For 2019

If you are an up and coming artist or music producer in 2019, chances are you are responsible for marketing your own music. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably not getting the number of plays and traction on your latest release as you would like. In this article, we go through 5 ways you […]

5th April, 2019
How to Remix a Song The Complete Beginners Guide 2019

Electronic music’s evolution stems from sampling, remixing and re-editing. Stemming from DJs always wanting longer records with longer percussive passages. The phenomenon came about in both Hip Hop & House at the same time… A collective DJ discovery, fueled by the dancefloor. It was the ’70s, people were wild, the edit was built solely around […]

25th March, 2019
What Are The Best Earplugs For Concerts? (2020 Guide)

If you have ever wondered whether you should be wearing ear plugs, the short answer is yes. If you have ever wondered what the best earplugs for concerts are? That’s going to depend on your ears and your choice in concerts…  Those who identify as a music lover & a dancefloor warrior don’t get the just […]

13th March, 2019
What Is The Best DJ Software (Free & Paid)? A Guide For 2019

The title for the best DJ software is forever changing and a personal choice amongst modern DJ’s. Your choice is going to be primarily ruled by what you are exposed to as a newbie and what you are intending to do. Are you a mobile or karaoke DJ? Do you want to play in clubs? […]

5th March, 2019
How To DJ – The Complete Beginner To Expert Guide In 2019

How To DJ – The Complete Beginner To Expert Guide In 2019 In order to answer the question How to DJ? We’ll are going to have to figure out what a DJ actually does. The art of Dj-ing is a skill that is gained over many many years. Before you have even decided that you want […]

22nd February, 2019
What is Dubstep? A complete Guide for 2019

What is Dubstep? In short…A very large very broad cultural & music movement that has been progressing for 20 years. Defining genres and then sub-genres is a fiery topic amongst audiophiles. Whether you’re into Deep funk, post-punk, RnB or breakcore…  Warehouse techno, witch house, shoegaze, synthwave… or straight up Dubstep. Straight up? In order to answer […]

1st February, 2019
Top 10 Namm Releases Pt2

2019 Top 10 Namm Releases Pt2 The top 10 Namm releases aren’t complete without these 5 killer pro audio advancements. 6. Krk Rokit G4’s Loaded with V Series features, these Rokits have been engineered a level up from the previous Rokits. With Kevlar Tweeters, Kevlar Woofers, an LCD Screen to run the built-in DSP. The DSP a first […]

29th January, 2019
Top 10 NAMM 2019 Releases Pt1

Top 10 NAMM2019 Releases Pt1 The Top 10 Namm releases Pt1 & Pt2 have been hard to write with the number of quality announcements that have been rolling out day by day. It has been action packed and our team on the ground have been supplying us with live updates and images that we can […]

11th January, 2019
How To Make A Quality Sound Recording Of Your DJ Mixes

How To record Your DJ Mixes? Technology has come along way since the cassette days there are many different types of sound recorder out there and the quality of sound recording has become affordable and of extremely high quality. It’s easier to make a catalog of regular audio recordings of your journey as a DJ […]

4th January, 2019
5 Tips To Be A Headphone Mixdown Superstar

5 Tips To Be A Headphone Mixdown Superstar Whether you are a DJ on tour, on holidays, having a coffee at your local cafe or you are working with what you have available. There will always be times when you need to mix in your headphones, monitors can’t always be with you.  There are common […]

31st December, 2018
Top 10 BEST FREE VSTs To Boost Your Production

The Best Free VSTS! This article lists a comprehensive list of the best free vsts. When used together the list is a complete sonic arsenal that wont cost you a penny! Enjoy. Music production is a lusty game, with more avenues for you to explore as you go on. The more you know, the more […]

21st December, 2018
Mad on Monitors

Alrighty, now that you have your interface and it’s likely that you’re hooked on making beats and sounds of all kinds, the next step is working towards a pair of studio monitors and hearing your mix in stereo. Like your headphones, your monitors will have a flat response. Monitors introduce your listening space and the room acoustics […]

3rd December, 2018
Affordable Audio Interface?

Do you need an audio interface? In short, yes! Your audio interface is the brain of your studio. They are used by producers, DJs, and musicians for creating and remixing, and recording songs or samples. Its primary job is to process all of the audio and then send it back to the computer, to your headphones and monitors. Your computer will […]

27th November, 2018
The Best Budget Headphones Comparison

The Best Budget Headphones Comparison  This is a well-rounded comparison of budget headphones that is packed with all the info you’ll need you to know when it comes to purchasing your set. You’ll find out what you are looking for in your headphones and how much you actually need to spend. Because being on a budget […]

17th October, 2018
Best Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Listening Which is the best bluetooth speaker? With the rise of wireless technology and bluetooth protocol, music consumption has changed in a massive way. Where people would once need to set the needle on their turntable or spend half an hour rewinding the tape in their cassettes; now music fans can press a button […]

17th September, 2018
Korg Monotron & Monotribe Patches, Sounds and Videos

SYNTHS – Monotribe and Monotron Ribbon synthesizers were revolutionized when Korg released their Monotron and Monotribe synths. These synthesizers are fully analogue, contain Korg’s famous signal processing and are compact enough to take with you anywhere.  These synths were so popular, Korg even decided to expand on the Monotron series with the ‘Duo’ and ‘Delay’ […]

14th February, 2018
Pioneer DJ Cash Back Offer!

PIONEER DJ CASH BACK PROMOTION! For a limited time only, Pioneer DJ are offering a cash back redemption on Pioneer DJ purchases. Beginning February 14th 2018 and running till February 28th 2018. This applies to the full range of Pioneer DJ products. Don’t miss out on this special offer! Follow the link to redeem this […]

1st February, 2018
Top 10 New Product Releases at NAMM 2018!

NAMM 2018 This year, our team attended the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Over 100,000 industry professionals, musicians and more flocked to the Anaheim Convention Centre to see the latest technology and products in action. Here are our top picks for new products to watch! Top 10 New Product Releases at NAMM 2018 1. JBL […]

13th December, 2017
In-Store Christmas Gift Bargains!

In-Store Christmas Gift Bargains and Stocking Stuffers! This Christmas, DJ City is offering a range of in-store specials perfect for your Kris Kringle, Stocking Stuffers and more! We have everything from DJ Stations and Lights to Record Players, Bluetooth Speakers and Keyboards! Make Christmas shopping easy with our Christmas Gift Bargains Catalogue! Merry Christmas from the […]

30th November, 2017
ROLI Lightblock Cash Back Offer!

Receive a $60 Cash Back when you Purchase Roli Lightpad Block! For a limited time only, when you purchase a ROLI BLOCK-LIGHT, you can receive a $60 cash back! Starting December 1st 2017 and ending January 14th 2018. Complete the claim form on no sooner than 30 days and no later than 60 days from […]

15th November, 2017
Pioneer DJ Cash Back Offer!

PIONEER DJ CASH BACK PROMOTION! For a limited time only, Pioneer DJ are offering a cash back redemption on Pioneer DJ purchases. Beginning November 16th 2017 and running till December 3rd 2017. This applies to the full range of Pioneer DJ products. Don’t miss out on this special offer! Follow the link to redeem this […]

15th November, 2017
50% OFF All Komplete Update and Upgrade Software!

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Sale For a limited time only, SAVE BIG on NI Komplete 11 Software! Receive a massive 50% OFF all update and upgrade software as well as 20% OFF Komplete 11 Standard and Ultimate Software. Be quick! This offer lasts from November 14th 2017 till January 8th 2018. Have the studio software […]

9th November, 2017
Chauvet DJ Light Show BPM | PRO 2017

Chauvet DJ Stuns at the BPM|PRO Show 2017! BPM | PRO is the UK’s biggest sound, lighting, DJ and Studio event. This year, the event was held on the 22nd and 23rd of October at Genting Arena, Birmingham. Featured at this years show was the Chauvet DJ Arena. Using an array of impressive effects, Chauvet […]

9th November, 2017
Receive Up To $70 Cash Back on Each JBL PRX800W!

JBL PRX800W Series Cash Back Promotion! From November 1st 2017 to January 31st 2018, you can claim cash back for any purchase of the JBL PRX800 series and receive up to $70 cash back per speaker! How To Redeem Redemption Form To redeem your cash back offer, head to the JANDS Redemption Form page and fill in […]

15th September, 2017

Pioneer DJ has just released the latest version of the most popular All-in-one DJ System the XDJ-RX2, to celebrate DJ City and Pioneer DJ are giving the chance for one lucky person to WIN one of these amazing NEW DJ systems! With a price tag of $2499 the XDJ-RX2 is the ultimate all-in-one system for […]

8th September, 2017
NEW Native Instruments Coming Soon!

NEW Maschine and Kontrol from Native Instruments Coming Soon! Native Instruments have just made a HUGE announcement! Say hello to the new MASCHINE-MK3, KONTROL-S49MK2 and KONTROL-S61MK2! Packed with loads of new and exciting features, these new products are expected to arrive in October. MASCHINE-MK3 $899 The MK3 is the latest edition to the popular groove […]

1st September, 2017
Native Instruments Spring Sale 2017!

Native Instruments Spring Sale 2017! This September, we’re having a Native Instruments Spring Sale! Select from a massive range of DJ Equipment and Studio Gear from world-renowned brand NI! Get the best gear at the best price! Don’t miss out! Sale ends September 15th 2017. *Please note, there are no rain checks, no lay-bys, and no back […]

9th August, 2017
FREE Traktor Scratch with Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4!

Receive Traktor Scratch FREE with Kontrol-S4! Purchase a Traktor Kontrol S4 4 Channel DJ Controller and receive Traktor Scratch FREE valued at $159. The FREE Traktor Scratch is delivered via download redemption from the Native Instruments Website. This offer ends on September 30th 2017, so to redeem this offer, register on the NI website during the promotional period. KONTROL-S4 An industry standard […]

31st July, 2017
MAMMOTH MIDI Keyboard Sale!

MIDI Keyboard Sale! For the next fortnight, we’re having a Mammoth MIDI Keyboard Sale! Take advantage of our MAMMOTH specials! We have everything from 25 key to 61 key with pad options and more! Click here for our complete list of MIDI Keyboard specials ending August 15th! Take a look at our top picks: Nektar […]

7th July, 2017
Flash Lighting Sale!

Flash Lighting Sale July 2017! For the month of July, we’re having a flash lighting sale with special online pricing as well as an additional discount in-store! Select from a massive range of DJ effect lights, laser lights, moving heads, wash lights, smoke machines and more! Get the best gear at the best price from […]

20th June, 2017
DJ City Richmond Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of our brand new DJ City Richmond store was a massive success! We had an incredible turnout and a very busy, but awesome day! Grand Opening Day On June 10th, we had a very special Grand Opening Sale to celebrate the opening of our new store. We had some very keen customers […]