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19th October, 2022

Get your DJ Booth Halloween Ready

Whether you have an upcoming gig at a Halloween party as a DJ or you’re simply trying to get into the spirit of the scary season, decking out your DJ booth doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult.

In fact, there are a number of ways in which your booth can be Halloween ready and we’ve put together a comprehensive list of them all.

What to consider when decorating your booth

It can be fun (and recommended) to go all out in getting your DJ booth Halloween-ready, but bear in mind a couple of considerations:

1.Audience – What sort of audience are you playing for? You don’t want to overly terrify teenagers nor look like you’ve brought childish-looking decorations to a nightclub gig.

2.Budget – It can be easier than you might think to get carried away with extra decorations. Set a budget that you’re comfortable with and stick to it.

3.Planning – If you enjoy setting your booth up, go for it! But if you’re looking for an easy, portable solution that gets the Halloween message across without costing too much of your time or energy, consider some of the simpler or toned down options below.

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Ideas for decorating your DJ booth for Halloween

1.Smoke Machine

Smoke machines are popular amongst DJs not just on Halloween but throughout the year. That’s why an investment in a handy smoke machine or similar gear is almost certainly worth it. These easy to control units are extraordinarily effective at adding an element of spookiness to both your booth and the dance floor at any Halloween DJ party.

2.Spider Webs

Low effort, classic and certainly high value for money, spider webs make decorating your booth for Halloween super easy. There are even different types and styles of web out there, including glow-in-the-dark spider webs, so you can find the aesthetic that suits your preferences. Plus, with spider webs you can include as much or as little as you want!


Bat decorations are another low-effort yet effective way to jazz up your Halloween DJ booth. It’s easy to incorporate a few bat models, toys, images or stickers around your booth and especially in conjunction with some other ideas on this list, it can be extraordinarily effective at setting the Halloween mood.


If spider webs and bats don’t quite make the impact you’re going for, consider ghosts, ghouls and other classic scary creatures. The exact style of decorative ghost will depend on both your preference and budget. There’s a wide range of options from to-scale models available at costume or party stores, to do-it-yourself ghosts using nothing but balloons, glow sticks and some black markers.


Photo props (posters, banners etc) can be used to prep your DJ booth for Halloween as well. If you’d rather not get decked out in a costume, try using photos around your booth to set the mood, inspire a bit of terror and get into the Halloween spirit. 


Few things shout Halloween as effectively as a tombstone. Whether you plan on using tombstones as the finishing touches on your perfectly constructed Halloween DJ booth or just want to include minimal decorations, tombstones are pitch-perfect and evoke the very spirit of the holiday. 

7.Skeleton or Skull and Bones

Much like tombstones, skeletons (or just skulls and bones) can be used in as much abundance or scarcity as you (or your budget) would like. Creepy, horrifying and perfect for the occasion there’s nothing like a pile of (fake!) skulls and skeletons to bring your Halloween gig to life!


Halloween garland can go a long way to effectively transforming your DJ booth. There’s almost no limit to how many different options are available to buy (or make) when it comes to garland. Easy to set up before the gig and hassle-free to remove, if you’re looking to prioritise quick Halloween decorations, creepy garland is for you.


A bowl filled with chocolate and candy by your DJ booth is classic Halloween. Trick or treating is a staple activity of the holiday and infusing this element into your DJ booth–while not a scary edition–is certainly ‘on brand’. Keep the candy in your booth or throw out some to the crowd, the choice is up to you.

10.Props, masks and costumes

Props and costumes are great ways to take your Halloween decor up another level. While some DJs prefer not to perform in a mask, using other items or wearing costumes can be a really awesome way to get into the mood of Halloween. You can even use props to just sit beside your booth and add to your decorations, such as a Deadly Reaper’s sickle. 


Jack-O-lanterns are another great and iconic decoration for a Halloween DJ booth. Luckily, you don’t have to go with the real deal as there are plenty of plastic and other artificial pumpkins available widely across costume and party stores. 

12.Black and Orange Balloons

If you’re looking for some way to decorate your DJ booth but don’t really have the time or energy to engage in decorative features and the like, a simple array of black and orange balloons can be surprisingly effective. Go minimalist or all out, either way the orange/black combo is classic Halloween.

DJ City – Halloween ideas for any booth!

Still not sure what sort of Halloween DJ booth decorations you’re after or just need a hand picking out a smoke machine? The DJ City team love DJing and Halloween, and we’d love to help you out as well. Get in touch with us today or simply browse our website.


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