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29th March, 2023

Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 Vs Numark Scratch

DJs use a wide variety of different equipment and gear to mix and make new musical creations. Scratch mixers, such as the Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 and the Numark Scratch are both highly popular and good quality devices.

The answer to which one is right for you will depend on a number of factors. While there are certainly advantages and disadvantages for each of these mixers, at the end of the day, both options are great for both amateur and advanced DJs.

What is a scratch mixer?

Scratch mixers are a specialised type of DJ mixer that enables a DJ to scratch and create turntable-like effects. Often used to manipulate and/or mix vinyl records, CDs or even digital music files, scratch makers are invaluable to DJs wanting to make both the simplest of sound effects and put together rather complex performances as well.

Most scratch mixers will be designed with a crossfader that has an adjustable curve. This feature allows the musician to cut briskly between two different musical tracks. In other words: scratch. 

Many different units offer a variety of other functions also. These can range from phasers to delay effects, and flangers, cue points, pitch control and more. All of these features and functions allow greater ability to manipulate sound.

For many DJs, scratch mixers are an essential ingredient in their mix of gear and equipment. However, for those specialising in genres such as hip hop, it can be an absolute must have.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S5

If you’re looking for a decently priced but industry reputable scratch mixer, the Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 is an excellent place to start.

Price: $1699

What are the pros?


Like all of the products from Pioneer, the DJM-S5 offers high quality sound production and great effects processing. If you’re a DJ in need of a mixer that can keep up with your creativity and worth ethic, this is an excellent option.


There may be an I in ‘mixer’ but that doesn’t mean you can go it alone! This piece of gear offers excellent compatibility with a range of other DJ software so you can enjoy seamless collaboration between all your equipment.

3.Built for Serato DJ

If you’re a fan and user of Serato DJ, the DJM-S5 is an excellent option. The controls of this mixer have been designed specifically for Serato DJ, making it intuitive and easy to learn.

4.Built in Effects

From the versatile 2-channels available to the range of other effects, this scratch mixer has it where it counts and will more than allow you to achieve hard-hitting and boundary-breaking mixes. 


Don’t forget to consider the durability of any DJ equipment you consider. The ​​DJM-S5 is made from durable and hard wearing materials to both protect the high quality components inside and provide you with a high-end piece of machinery that will last the test of time. 

What are the cons?


If you are price sensitive, there may be better options on the market. While we think the Pioneer mixer is worth every cent, it is not the cheapest 2-channel DJ mixer available.


Again, for many DJs, this mixer will be more than sufficient. However, if you find that just 2 channels is a little limiting for your talents and ambition, it might be worth thinking about what other substitutes that are available would be better suited for your needs.

3.Lack of display

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that there is no on-board display for track information on the DJM-S5. Like the other cons, this may not be an issue for many DJs, but if a display is something you rely on, make sure to take this into consideration. 

4.Less portable

While hard wearing and durable, the DJM-S5 is a little heavier than other scratch mixers. If you’re wanting equipment that’s super portable, take into account just how bulky and/or heavy this option is.

Numark Scratch

The Numark Scratch comes from another reputable and well known DJ equipment manufacturer and offers a unique range of advantages.

Price: $699

What are the pros?


The Numark Scratch offers excellent value-for-money. Its low price point makes it among the most affordable 2-channel DJ scratch mixers and perfect for up-and-coming artists or DJs operating under a strict budget.


The innoFADER crossfader on this Scratch is of impressively high quality and, along with the adjustable curve, gives the user greater versatility during their music mixing.


The crossfader is just the beginning. There are six other in-built effects that you can utilise when creating and jumping between two tracks. One example of the unique concoction of effects available is the wet/dry control.


Like the Pioneer option, the Numark Scratch is designed to be highly compatible with a range of DJ software. 


Relatively speaking, the Scratch is quite portable. If you’re a mobile DJ or you’re on the road a lot going from studio to gig and back, this mixer is quite an attractive option.

What are the cons?

1.No display

Similar to the first model we reviewed, the Numark Scratch doesn’t include a display on the board itself for tracking information.


Once more, the 2-channels may not be a deal breaker for many DJs, but if you’re looking for 4 channels or more this mixer may not be right for you.


While certainly a more affordable product, some DJs find the Numark model a little less durable than other options.

4.No dedicated controls

While the Scratch is compatible with a variety of DJ software and programs, there are no dedicated controls. This may not matter to many DJs but if it’s something you’re prioritising, bear it in mind. 

Mixed opinions about the scratch mixer? We can help!

Whether you opt for the Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 or the Numark Scratch, you’re bound to be happy with your choice. Both are high quality and reliable 2-channel scratch mixers with some pros and cons. Of course, there are some key differences–such as price and portability–but at the end of the day the right model for you will depend on your work style, needs and personal preference.

If you’re feeling a bit mixed up over which one to choose, why not reach out to the team here at DJ City. Our DJ experts are more than happy to help you find your soulmate in scratch mixers today!

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