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22nd February, 2023

Top Controllers For Virtual DJ 2023

If you’re working with Virtual DJ or considering working with any other software for that matter, you might be on the lookout for the top controllers on the market.

While there are a few options out there, to save you time, effort and confusion, we’ve found the two best DJ controllers for Virtual DJ and highlighted the benefits and advantages of each one for you.

Introduction to Virtual DJ

The term ‘Virtual DJ’ does not refer to someone who mixes and creates music virtually over Zoom or some other video channel.

It actually refers to a software program that can be used to emulate a more traditional DJ setup. This software allows DJs to mix, play music tracks and even scratch using nothing but their computer or laptop.

The interface of the program itself is designed to evoke the same feeling, format and intuition of DJ equipment and hardware. This allows DJs of all stripes and levels of experience to beat-match, loop, crossfade and engage all the other features and techniques they otherwise would have.

Nowadays, Virtual DJ is used both in studio settings–home and professional–as well as during live performances and gigs.

Introduction to DJ Controllers

A DJ controller, on the other hand, is a piece of hardware equipment used by DJs as well. It allows the musician to more easily control, manipulate and mix music through the chosen software (i.e., Virtual DJ).

Most controllers connect to one’s computer or laptop through a USB port and feature a variety of more physical controls ranging from buttons and wheels to faders and slides. While different controllers are designed in different ways, they’re all built to ensure a DJ can engage with their software in as seamless a way as possible whether they are creating new effects, mixing or just beat matching.

Like the design of Virtual DJ, a controller’s layout aims to replicate the functionality of more traditional and old-school DJ equipment, such as mixers and turntables, blending the tactile nature of machinery with new-age technology.

Finding the Best Virtual DJ Controller

A DJ controller for Virtual DJs is where the above two tools of the trade collide. The controller is the hardware device that is designed to be used in conjunction with and to control the Virtual DJ software. The physical controls are mapped to the various functions and features of the computer program so that you, as the DJ, can create the music you want in a way that feels hands-on and keeps you in intuitive control.

As mentioned above, there is a range of DJ controllers on the market. And the range even ranges in size, specification and features. While you may have preferences for things like touch-sensitive pads or knobs over buttons, at the end of the day we are sure you’ll want to be looking for the best Virtual DJ controller.

Option 1: Reloop Touch 4 Channel DJ Controller VirtualDJ

The Reloop Touch is among the best DJ controllers for Virtual DJ. Featuring the prevalent Pro 8 Software, this piece of equipment is designed for seamless integration and effectively gives you full control.

The full-colour touchscreen display is a massive 7 inches in size on this 4-channel performance controller. Why is this important? Because it allows you to keep an eye or two on all of your music’s details in real-time. Whether you’re arranging your media library or browsing through tracks, the full-screen mode will ensure you can stay on top of your workflow.

The performance pad allows for a truly wide range of mixing functionalities and features. Moreover, the two deck sections of jog wheels are designed for non-slip use and set out in a very intuitive manner.

When it comes to connectivity, the Reloop Touch has it where it counts. The high-retention USB audio interface ensures hassle-free software compatibility and stress-free setup.

Price: $1099

SHOP: Reloop Touch

Option 2: Gemini G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel

Our second suggestion for the best controller for Virtual DJ is the cheaper option of the two but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

The Gemini G4V is similarly 4-channel and packs a lot of power into one relatively compact unit. The solid case contains two main jog wheels as well as a host of other controls for various features and functions.

The team behind the G4V have prioritised robustness and reliability, and this high-quality piece of equipment reflects that. The dual control deck layout is fitted with both dedicated filters per channel and EQ, so managing and mixing more than one track is simple. The 16 multi-function performance pads give you more versatility and control in your music creation as well.

When it comes to the physical layout of the DJ controller, emphasis is placed on ensuring quick and intuitive navigation without losing control or flow. Of course, supplied with its own Virtual DJ LE software, this Gemini model is completely compatible for use with DJ software whether you’re just starting out and learning the ropes or are an experienced professional already.

Price: $699

SHOP: Gemini G4V

Extra Options



The DDJ-Rev7  is a 2-channel Native Serato DJ controller that does offer compatibility with Virtual DJ software as a 10-minute demo.

Rane One

The Rane One is a standalone DJ controller but, with the right mapping, can be used in conjunction with Virtual DJ.

If you’re interested in either of the above options for your DJ controller, we recommend speaking with our team at DJ City today.

Let us help find you the best Virtual DJ controller today!

What are you planning on using your controller for

What sort of features and functionalities are you looking for?

If you’re unsure which is the best DJ controller for Virtual DJ for you and your needs, the professionals at DJ City are happy to help! So give us a call today at 1300 352 489 today.

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