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17th May, 2023

DJ Accessories You Might Be Missing

Whether you’re a professional, experienced DJ looking to upgrade to the best DJ accessories around or just starting out and looking for the right equipment to round out your set-up, DJ City can help!

We stock all the right DJ accessories you need and want to ensure you’re able to create and mix music to the best of your ability. To help make sure you’re ready to go, we’ve put together a list of the most essential DJ accessories you might be missing.

List of the Best DJ Accessories for You

DJ accessories are many and varied. Some might seem to offer minor benefits while others can be just about “must haves” for both your experience and that of your audience.

At the end of the day, every DJ and artist is different. You may have specific preferences about how you mix and perform, how your set-up works and what sort of extra equipment you may or may not need.

Have a look through our list below to find the DJ booth accessories that suit you!

Laptop Stand

Laptop stands can be critical for performing DJs. This helpful accessory elevates one’s laptop to eye level which ensures that the screen is easier to see during performances and the controls easier and more comfortable to access.

There are other important benefits to a stand as well. For one thing, it helps to keep the laptop cool and prevents overheating during extended periods of use.

For another, it allows height adjustability so you can feel confident and comfortable that no matter where you perform, your laptop will be at the right height for you.


Headphones might seem like an obvious DJ accessory, but the reality is that not all headphones are equal. Investing in a high-quality pair will cost a little more upfront but the benefits are enormous.

From higher quality audio feedback to good sound isolation, there are many reasons why you should prioritise quality in your headphones purchase.

Of course, you’ll likely be wearing the headphones for a significant period of time so ensuring they are comfortable and safe to wear is critical as well.

Cable Ties

Cheap, easy to find and endlessly useful, cable ties are a DJ accessory that many artists simply don’t think about. 

Cable ties can be effectively used to keep your set-up clean, organised and professional. Moreover, when you’re performing it can ensure that the cables of your various pieces of equipment are all tidy and don’t create tripping hazards.

These simple DJ booth accessories have proven to be a simple lifesaver for many a DJ when either mixing at home or performing at a club.


Slipmats are an essential DJ accessory for those who use vinyl turntables. The handy slipmat creates smooth surfaces on which the record can spin. This ensures there are no scratches and prevents skippings from happening. 

Slipmats do come in a variety of different thickness levels as well as material. Consider your particular application when browsing to find the mat that offers optimal grip, fit and protection for your vinyl. 

DJ Facade

When it comes to DJ booth accessories, don’t discount the importance of a DJ facade. These decorative panels sit in front of your booth to hide your equipment and create a more sleek and professional set-up.

During gigs, they also provide the perfect backdrop for lighting and other projection effects to set the mood and create an atmosphere.

Of course, DJ facades range in size, material, shape and design. Consider your setup and style when finding the right option for you.


More and more types of DJ equipment are relying on USB and similar connections. A USB hub, therefore, is one of the best DJ accessories for you to consider. These handy pieces of equipment allow you to connect multiple USB devices to a DJ controller or laptop.

Practical, functional and clean, using a hub will ensure you can use all of the machinery you need without having to worry about the number of USB ports available.

When shopping for a USB hub consider the number of ports you will need as well as the types of power supply you’ll have access to either in your home studio set-up or out on the road when performing at gigs.

Fader Caps

Fader caps are small and handy accessories that can be attached to your mixer’s faders. They provide better grip, greater ergonomic control and more comfortable use of your faders.

Some can even add a decorative and stylish element to your set-up.

These DJ accessories may not seem essential but once you begin to mix with fader caps you’ll never go back! Remember that faders can vary in size, so ensure the caps you choose are compatible and fit properly. 

Record Bags

Transporting your gear easily and safely is very important for travelling DJs and artists who regularly perform in clubs and at events.

Having a sturdy record bag is essential for just that reason. Vinyl collections can be expensive, hard to replace and easily damaged. Having a strong and sturdy record bag is important to protect your records whenever you’re on the road. 

Of course, the type and style of the bag is up to you and your preferences. Just ensure that the size, material, compartments and price suit your needs as well. 

DJ Booth Lighting

DJ booth lighting makes up some of the DJ accessories that can make or break a set. Adding a dramatic, stylish and visual element to your performance can effectively create a more immersive and impressive experience for your audience.

There is no one-style lighting-fits-all here. From LEDs to lasers and strobes to coloured lights, there is plenty of variety and styles to choose from.

In addition to aesthetics, make sure that the lighting you choose offers the intensity and style you’re after while also being simple and practical to set up and use in a variety of settings. 

Power Conditioner

Unfortunately, as all mobile and gig-performing DJs know, venues often offer unreliable or even noisy power sources. That’s why a power conditioner is one of the best DJ accessories for a musician to have.

These handy devices help to both regulate and clean any power supply so that the voltage delivered to your equipment is the right amount.

The more reliable and controllable your power supply, the better prepared and set up you will be to perform your best!


DJ City: Home of the best of DJ accessories

DJ City is the only destination you need to find all of the equipment, gear and DJ accessories you could want!

As the largest online supplier of DJ equipment in Australia, we’re bound to have just what you’re looking for. If, however, you’re not sure what sort of accessories are right for you, don’t worry! Our friendly team is here to help. Contact us today to find out more or peruse our online collection of DJ accessories at your leisure.


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