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15th March, 2023

Top 3 DJ Controllers $500 – $1000 For 2023

DJ controllers are used by DJs to create, manipulate and control digital music files. Linked with a DJ program or piece of software, this hardwear gear uses a series of jog wheels, knobs, buttons and other controls to create the desired effect.

As a musician, you’ll likely want to adjust various tracks’ tempo, volume or EQ and apply a series of effects. A controller allows you to do just that.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of controllers on the market and at DJ City we have the best of the best available. While controllers vary in everything from size and function to price and design, we’ve put together a short review of the top 3 DJ controllers between $500 and $1000 just for you. 


1.Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 2-Channel DJ Controller

Price: $639

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 is a powerful 2-channel DJ Controller with a professional feel. Designed for new DJs, the FLX4 sports a user-friendly design and supportive features including the Smart Mixing features.

The layout of the controls on the DDJ-FLX4 makes it easy to learn to DJ. Everything is simple to use and neatly arranged, which also makes the controller compact enough to take anywhere. What’s more, there’s no need for a seperate mixer as the FLX4 is equipped to mix the sound of your voice with the music. Plus, it outputs all audio via USB.

If you’re a new DJ and don’t know how to mix, don’t worry! Get started right away with the Brand-New Smart Mixing feature. It automatically adjusts the volume, bass volume and BPM of the music. This gives you the ability to smoothly transition from one track to the next by simply moving the fader.

Overall, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 has everything a beginner DJ needs, plus more! If you’re looking for something that’s good to go straight of the box, then look no further than the FLX4!


2.Gemini G4V 4-Channel Virtual DJ Controller

Price: $699

The Gemini G4V is a versatile 4-channel DJ controller designed for professional use. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and perfect for mobile DJs. Plus its plug-and-play functionality ensures that you can set it up quickly and easily.

The G4V is a highly professional controller that features touch-sensitive and mechanical jog wheels and a high-resolution media display. This allows you to stay in control and connected at all times, whether you’re scratching, searching for music, or juggling different beats.

But that’s not all. In terms of software compatibility, the G4V is compatible with a wide range of DJ software programs, including Virtual DJ LE, which is included with your purchase. Additionally, the controller features USB connectivity, ensuring you’re able to mix files through a USB or via your laptop’s library.

Overall, the G4V is an excellent choice for DJs who demand professional performance and versatility. If you’re looking for a high-quality DJ controller that won’t hit the back pocket too hard, the Gemini G4V is absolutely a practical option.

SHOP: Gemini G4V

3.Reloop BeatPad2 2-Channel DJ Controller

Price: $899

Despite topping our list of top 4 DJ controllers between $500 and $1000 in terms of price, the Reloop BeatPad2 is still well under our upper limit. The Reloop team have re-engineered the classic multi-format DJ controller with a focus on performance, features and flexibility.

They’ve done this by ensuring that the BeatPad2 is compatible cross-platform so whether you operate on iOS or Android, tablet or computer, it’ll work the way you need it to. 

The eight different touch performance pads are backlit for easy functionality and the FX controls are sensitive, calibrated and ergonomic. Of course, that’s not where it ends. It comes complete with mic and headphone connections, a large top display, MIDI-learning DJ software compatibility, visual feedback of the virtual needle’s position, and high-quality rubber buttons that are soft and reactive to the touch. 

SHOP: Reloop BeatPad2


Finding the right DJ Controller for you

While all of our listed top DJ controllers are great for DJs both starting out on their journey and well into their music-making career, the right DJ controller for you will depend on a number of factors.

Here’s what you should consider when browsing through the DJ City online store.


Many DJs have a preferred software program that they like to use. If you have a favourite or you’ve already invested in one and don’t want to have to shell out cash for another, make sure to check that the controller you’re looking at is compatible. 


While there might be a standard ‘look’ to most of the top-quality DJ controllers, there is still a high degree of variability. DJ equipment producers are always trying to improve their designs whether it’s touch-sensitive pads or larger jog wheels, so you’re bound to find one that works the way you need it to.


The features of a DJ controller are central to its usefulness. Depending on how you plan on using your controller and what you plan on using it for, you may want a machine that’s more geared towards certain features rather than others.


Many DJs are on the road a lot and performing at a wide range of venues. If you’re planning on taking your controller with you, prioritise one that is compact, easy to carry and relatively lightweight.


There’s no point in buying a DJ controller that doesn’t connect to what you need it to. Be on the lookout for USB connections, audio outputs and other connection features you may need.


We always recommend going with well-known brands in the DJing world. That way you can be guaranteed quality through a reputable supplier.


The best way to know if a controller is right for you is to look at the online reviews by other DJs using it the way you intend to. That will give you a strong idea as to whether the controller in question is worth the asking price.


Which takes us to the cost. DJ controllers vary widely in price. Depending on your budget, you might need to consider which features are most important to you when choosing between different options.

If you’re still unsure about which of the top 3 DJ controllers $500 – $1000 best suits your needs, uses, and preferences, the DJ City team is here to lend a helping hand. So get in touch with us today at 1300 352 489.

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