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5th April, 2023

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 vs Rane ONE

Tossing up between the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 and the Rane ONE? We completely understand. Both of these DJ controllers offer a ton of benefits and have a few shortcomings depending on your personal need and preferences.

To help you with your decision we’ve broken down the pros and cons you need to know when browsing between the two.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 is a brand new offering from the team at this highly renowned DJ equipment manufacturer. With a streamlined and improved design, the large motorised jog wheels are a particularly noticeable improvement offering a tactile connection between artist and music. 


1.4-channel mixer

This Pioneer model is a versatile controller that offers a DJ 2-channels and a wide range of effects that are built in and intuitive to use.

2.Tactile design

As mentioned in the introduction, the jog wheels have been redesigned to be larger and even more tactile. This allows great grip and use of its functions and along with the complementary touch strips and centre display, it’s highly practical and seamless to use in mixing.

3.Pitch faders

The DDJ-REV7 is packed with features, such as its full-sized pitch faders with both key sync and pitch bend.


One important function of any controller is its compatibility. This Pioneer device can be used and connected with a wide range of DJ software and is super compatible with external equipment. 



Coming in at $3609, there’s no question that the DDJ-REV7 is far more expensive than the other model reviewed in this article. If your budget is tight, it might not be the best choice at this point in time.

2.Functionality learning

While still intuitive and well designed, the complex and many functionalities of this controller can take beginning DJs some time to come to understand and use smoothly.

3.Size and weight

Of course, this controller is portable but it is noticeably heavier and less easy to carry than a few other models out there.

Check out this video of the DDJ-REV7 below!

Rane ONE

The Rane ONE DJ controller is a motorised offering with a wide range of high-performance features. Reliable, quality and easy to use, it’s a great option for music makers of all styles and backgrounds.


1.High quality motorisation

The platters are all motorised by high-quality technology which means that you have access to torque settings that are very adjustable. 

2.Very portable

The ONE is very compact and super portable. For DJs who head out on the road often and travel from club to club, performing gigs in a variety of venues, portability can be very important.


The unique touchscreen is super responsive and allows for easy browsing, finding and selecting of the music tracks you need. Large, easy to read and practical, the Rane ONE’s display is a fantastic feature.

4.Effects and functions

The team at Rane have opted for dedicated controls for the Serato FX and the loop functions which translates into more seamless and smooth music mixing on your end. 

5.Extra features

Additionally, the Rane ONE features a built-in audio interface as well as low latency performance so you can rest assured it will not only sound but work as smoothly as you need it to!


Last but not least, coming in at $1999, this DJ controller is the more economical of the two options.



Unlike the Pioneer controller, this model from Rane is limited to two channels which may or may not be enough for different DJs.

2.Lack of pitch fader

If you’re a fan of using a pitch fader, it might be worth looking at the alternative controller as there is no pitch fader on the ONE.

3.No jog wheel

Another omission on the Rane ONE, is the lack of a jog wheel display to help you track and view information.

4.Relative expense

Compared to the DDJ-REV7, this controller is certainly the cheaper option. But as far as two-channel controllers go, it’s still among the more pricey of options.

Check out the video below to see more on the Rane ONE.


At the end of the day–and no surprise here–the decision comes down to you. Every artist works differently and prioritises different features and functions. Both the DDJ-REV7 and the Rane ONE have strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re after more channels, more options and more features, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 might be the best option. Whereas if compactness, motorised platters and price are more your speed, the Rane ONE is a great choice. 

Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself while making up your choice:

  1. How compatible is each DJ controller with the software you’re currently using or would prefer to use?
  2. What sort of features, effects and functions do you plan on using the most?
  3. What number of channels do you want?
  4. How important is portability to you? In other words, how often will you be carrying the controller around with you?
  5. What is your budget and do you need to factor in other costs, such as accessories or software?
  6. Which user interface do you prefer?
  7. How adapt are you at picking up new pieces of equipment and learning how to use them?

Need a hand? Get in touch!

If you’d like to talk through the differences between the two and discuss what you yourself are looking for, why not give our team at DJ City a call! We’ll help walk you through the two options and find the one that suits your needs and preferences the most.

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