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7th December, 2022

10 great gifts for producers under $100

Whether it’s the upcoming holiday season or the birthday of a loved one, it can be difficult to find gifts for music lovers. Not to mention finding gifts that are affordable but do not appear cheap!

Luckily for you, your search is over. DJ City has everything you need for the DJ, artist, producer and musician. Without further ado, here are our top 10 gifts for music producers for under $100.

Great Gifts for Music Production Artists

1.Vonyx DJ Stand Bag

Behold the first great gift: the Vonyx DJ Stand Bag.

Dust, dirt, moisture, abrasions… A DJ stand and equipment can be exposed to all sorts of factors and materials. Buying your music producing friend or family member a high quality and durable DJ stand bag can go a long way to showing you’ve put extra thought into a practical, stylish and useful present. 

SHOP: Vonyx DJ Stand Bag

2.Glorious Headphone Stand – Walnut

Sometimes the best gifts for producers are the type of present they’d always love but would never buy for themselves. The Glorious Headphone Stand Walnut is just that sort of gift. Beautifully designed and elegantly put together, this ergonomic stand is the perfect resting place for any musician or producer’s headphones. Everything from the cable holder to universal compatibility of its design is made for practicality and everyday use. Plus, the Glorious Headphone Stand Walnut makes the most of a minimalist and deep wooden aesthetic so it will suit any DJ booth, studio or desk. 

SHOP: Glorious Headphone Stand

3.AVE VoxBT-XLR Bluetooth Microphone Interface

The AVE Vox BTXLR is a handy little device that allows reliable and effortless connectivity between your Bluetooth device and a mixer or speaker. For the music producer, it’s a must-have accessory to make mixing, producing and playing music seamless and disruption free. Despite its highly affordable price tag, the AVE interface is super durable and portable, so your friend or loved one can take it along with them wherever and whenever they go. Your producer friend will love this gift!

SHOP: AVE Vox BTXLR Bluetooth Microphone Interface

4.UDG Ultimate Laptop Stand U96110BL

If you’re gift shopping for a music producer, chances are you’re going to want to check out our range of laptop stands. The UDG Ultimate stand in particular is an excellent budget option that looks anything but. Sturdy yet stylish, ergonomic yet portable, it’s the answer to every music producer’s nightmare. Creating and mixing music can be time intensive and for those producers working off a laptop, this can mean cramped and strained necks and shoulders. The UDG Ultimate Laptop Stand is an easy way for you to give your loved one a gift that truly will keep on giving.

SHOP: UDG Ultimate Laptop Stand

5.Record Cleaner

You might not be a fan of vinyl records or even understand the appeal of them but good quality record cleaner accessories are some of the best gifts for music producers you will find. Musicians and producers take enormous pride not just in the quality of their music, but also the state of their vinyls and other music equipment. Plus, as any DJ will tell you, the better quality the records are the better the scratching, music and mixes that you can get out of them.

SHOP: Record Cleaners


Headphones might not seem like the most original entry in this list of gifts for music lovers, but it’s common for a reason. With a wide range of not just models and styles but even price points, it’s easy to find the perfect option for your particular budget. Music lovers take their music consumption seriously, not to mention the necessity of having the right equipment to enable professional-level mixing and producing. 

SHOP: DJ Headphones

7.Akai LPK25MK2 Portable Laptop MIDI Keyboard 25 Key

Still under $100, a portable laptop MIDI keyboard is an excellent present for music producers. This unique model from Akai is sleek, highly responsive and perfect for musicians of all levels of experience. Plus, with software included in the purchase, this all-in-one sleek MIDI controller is a wonderful gift that’s bound to bring a smile to any music lover’s face. 

SHOP: Akai MIDI Keyboard

8.Behringer MONITOR1 Monitoring Controller

If you’re looking for the perfect gift that gives your music loving friend/family member complete control of their audio, the Behringer Monitor 1 is the way to go. This premium stereo monitor allows for instant level adjustment without any active circuitry or digital artifacts that can mess with the purity of the sound. And all for less than $100!

SHOP: Behringer Monitor 1


Often it’s the little thought that counts the most. Ordering a slipmat gift for your music producing friend/family is a highly affordable way to make a big impact. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of different slipmat designs and styles to choose from here at DJ City, so you can find the perfect option for your loved one. 

SHOP: Slipmats

10.Fenton VBS40 Vintage Wooden Bluetooth Speaker 4 Inch

To round off our list of excellent gifts for music lovers we have the Fenton VBS40 Vintage Wooden Bluetooth Speaker. Bluetooth audio speakers come in all shapes and sizes but we love this unit from Fenton for its distinct style and aesthetic. Perfect for decorating a studio or workstation, it also functions just as seamlessly and flawlessly as you’d hope!

SHOP: Fenton Bluetooth Speaker

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