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2nd March, 2023

The 7 Top DJ Controllers Over $1000 For 2023

Looking for the Top DJ Controllers for 2023 without breaking the bank? We’ve curated the best DJ controllers in one handy list just for you. 

1.Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 – Pro Scratch DJ Controller 2 Channel

The Rev-7 DJ controller from the team at Pioneer is not just known for its brand name association. Designed with thought and consideration, it creates a truly tactile connection between the artist and their music. 

Beautifully laid out with motorised jog wheels that are larger than previous models and an acrylic top plate for extra finger-grip, it’s intuitive, seamless and easy to use. Inside, it has it where it counts as well. This 2-channel unit features a number of unique functionalities to assist DJs in open-format and scratch music mixing. 

There are a host of other fantastic benefits to the Rev-7 of course, from its artwork and DJ logo display to its virtual deck view, making this top DJ controller well worth the price.


2.Denon DJ SC Live 4 Standalone 4-Channel DJ Controller

We had to include the Denon DJ SC Live 4 amongst our list of the top 10 DJ controllers for 2023. After all, this fully capable little machine comes with built-in speakers, an enormous 7-inch touchscreen display and internal compatibility with WiFi and more. 

As an all-in-one device, it’s the ultimate DJ controller for use with either Serato DJ Pro or Virtual DJ. Musicians and artists of all levels of skill and experience have used the SC Live 4 for creative mixing, live streaming, rehearsal and content creation. Thanks to the dedicated knobs for each of its multiple channels, as well as easy-to-access effects and modes, you’ll love using the SC Live 4.

As part of its unique offering, this DJ controller also comes with some really well-integrated dynamic lighting. With quick button access and automatable options, you can adjust the strobe, colour and intensity giving you complete control over the entire musical experience of your audience. 

SHOP: Denon DJ SC Live 4

3.Roland DJ-707M DJ Controller for Mobile DJs

Are you a mobile DJ? Do you fancy yourself as more than just a musician but an all-rounded MC extraordinaire? This top DJ controller is for you. Thanks to the great design from the team at Roland, this excellent controller allows you to remain in complete control of your entire performance. 

Think integrated loudspeaker management system. Think built-in anti-feedback. Think of multiple scene preset options. The DJ-707M has it all! 

When it comes to audio quality, this digital console provides clean, loud and pure sounds with comprehensive management settings across all the effects you need, such as four-band EQ and mono mode. 

One area where this Roland model truly exceeds is in the zone output feature. By creating and assigning zones, you can control and send different music to different areas and outputs of any venue, club or event you’re playing at. 

SHOP: Roland DJ-707M 

4.Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ Controller 4 Channel

The Kontrol S4 MK3 is Native Instrument’s flagship controller, giving you the latest evolution of the renown Kontrol S4 DJ Controller.

Featuring the world’s first haptic drive motorised jog wheels, the Kontrol S4 provides vibration feedback so you can feel your cue points. Plus, it’s compatible with either the included Traktor DJ Pro 3 software, or the Native Instruments Traktor DJ iOS app.

What’s more, the S4 MK3 is ideal for the travelling DJ due to its compact and portable design. So you can plug it straight into a speaker at a club or venue to start DJing right away!

Overall, whether you’re remixing in the studio, or performing live, you’ll be totally blown away by the S4 MK3!

SHOP: Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3


5.Reloop Mixon 8 Pro 4-Channel Hybrid DJ Controller

The Reloop Mixon 8 Pro is a 4-channel highly productive hybrid DJ controller with unique class and style. The company behind this controller has gone to great lengths to ensure super flexible connectivity and compatibility with the leading DJ software and dual USB audio interfaces so that you can get set up and running as soon as possible. 

On the hardware side of things, the jog wheels have been enhanced with greater touch sensitivity amidst a gunmetal platter and distinct rims. This gives you the precise control you want and need to produce the best music you can. But that’s just the beginning.

The Mixon 8 Pro also brings a groundbreaking innovation to the table: four sturdy onboard FX paddles. This gives you yet another tactile way to stay on top of all the effects you want to use. Combine that with virtual needle illumination, easy time tracking, and a play head position indicator and you have a truly hybrid DJ controller that’s made for the 21st century.

SHOP: Reloop Mixon 8

6.Numark Mixstream Pro – Standalone DJ Controller with Built-in Speakers and WiFi

As a DJ looking for a way to perform completely laptop-free, the Numark Mixstream Pro stands out as one of the top DJ controllers around. The built-in WiFi, for starters, allows you to bring the party wherever you are, without worrying about connectivity. Add to that a hassle-free integration option for your existing library, and you’ll have complete access to all the tracks and music you need whenever you need it. 

But the Numark Mixstream Pro doesn’t stop there. The smart lighting control enables you to be in charge of the entire audience experience. Complemented by a large 7-inch touchscreen display and intuitive tactile controls layout, it will work with you and your workflow to help provide the best show possible. 

The aforementioned WiFi connectivity allows you to connect instantly to music streaming services or even online storage facilities, such as Dropbox. This simple yet groundbreaking functionality makes for a complete standalone DJ controller package that will help you take your music mixing and performances to the next level. 

SHOP: Numark Mixstream Pro

7.Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Professional All-In-One DJ System

We started this list of top 7 DJ controllers with Pioneer, so it’s only suitable we end with Pioneer too. This latest offering, the XDJ-XZ, is truly an all-in-one DJ controller for the consummate professional.

The new model has been optimised for use in professional performances through full-sized job wheels for next-level scratching, 16 individual performance pads with multiple colours, USB plug-ability, flexible media support and complete compatibility with everything from Serato DJ Pro to Rekordbox. 

Even the quality of the audio delivered has been taken up a notch. The crystal clear audio is more than up to the challenge of a club set or live event performance. In fact, the newly improved reducer feature helps to wean out any unwanted or impure sounds from your mix and mic.

Connectivity with other equipment, whether they’re CDJs or turntables, is easy. Whilst browsing through your own music and track libraries is a breeze thanks to a larger, built-in and digital display screen. For the professional (or soon-to-be), there’s simply no looking past the XDJ-XZ.


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