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The future of DJing with AI
1st November, 2023

The Future of DJing with AI

DJing with AI (artificial intelligence) is not a question of if it will happen, but when.

The world of DJing is no different to any other in modern society and as technology and AI evolve it will change and redefine the art of mixing music. From the way that DJs perform to how they connect with audiences, the game-changing technology that is AI is going to revolutionise the industry.

So how is it going to shape the musical landscape? Will human DJs still play a role? What are the concerns and challenges in how AI will affect creativity, music creation and the end products?

While predictions are hard to make this early on, let’s dive into what and how a DJ AI could play out.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is the term used to refer to computer systems that are capable of performing tasks typically or traditionally considered to require human-level intelligence. This can include problem-solving, speech recognition, decision making or information processing.

In the realm of DJing and music creation, AI algorithms can already analyse vast amounts of data and produce pattern identification to then generate creative outputs that reflect and mimic human creativity.

More recently, music producers are already using AI to help with melody generation, chord progression suggestion and even automated mastering.

Case Study: Spotify

Spotify offers a real life and relatable example of the use of AI. Their algorithms, which you can learn how to get on top of here, have been connecting users with recommended songs, artists and genres for years. It does this through the exact process we outlined above: Outputting suggestions based on patterns identified from listeners’ usage and preferences.

More recently, Spotify has rolled out an AI DJ that offers enhanced recommendations and playlist suggestions, reflecting just how quickly this technology is evolving.

So, what comes next in the world of DJing with AI?

AI’s Future Prospects

It’s impossible to predict exactly where the use of AI in music is heading. The capabilities and functionalities are expanding rapidly and the most cutting-edge programs can already compose original music, unique soundscapes and collaborate with human input to produce tracks that seem – at least superficially – to be identical to human creations.

It certainly seems like this trend is going to continue to develop as AI gets more and more advanced.

The Human Touch: Will AI Replace DJs?

We know what your burning question is: Will an AI DJ replace humans altogether?

You’re not alone. Professionals across industries, from writers to doctors and lawyers to construction workers, are all asking themselves the same question.

The reality is that while AI is certainly a powerful tool, it is not human. It lacks an integral emotional intelligence, human-based sense of intuition and appreciation for the storytelling power of one human connecting with another.

DJs are not just music mixers. If that were the case, perhaps a DJ AI program would pose a threat. DJs are crowd readers, trendsetters, musical magicians and a whole lot more.

Having said that, AI is not a tool that should be ignored. It’s already profoundly redefining the music industry and can be used to enhance your performance as an artist.

Redefining Music Creation and Production

For as long as music has been around, musicians (and now producers) have been experimenting with new sounds, styles and compositions. AI is a fantastic tool for helping in that record.

The wellspring of inspiration and musical information at one’s fingertips is empowering DJs to explore uncharted territories of music creation and break free from some of the creative ruts and human limitations. Partnering with an AI program’s analytical prowess provides huge potential for transcending the music of the past and forging a new path for the future.

Enhancing Your DJing with AI

AI offers a lot of potential not just in the confines of a studio, but even in live performances. AI DJ software can help to curate personal playlists on the fly, register crowd engagement and preferences, and seamlessly mix tracks with intelligent, superpowered beatmatching.

The DJ that embraces and masters AI will find spontaneous remixing in real-time and in a live performance – something incredibly hard to do – easier than ever. AI can help the savvy artist create unforgettable moments and sustain the dancefloor’s life and vibe.

The more one interacts with these machine-learning algorithms, the better your skills will be at identifying and using patterns in music. The unique and interesting track combinations that an AI DJ can unlock will help any human DJ create equally unique and interesting new music.

Example 1: Automatic Remixing

One application already being used by DJs with AI is automatic remixing.

This technique allows DJs to blend songs in a myriad of different ways by a mere touch of a button. The AI then takes the elements of an original song – whether it’s the vocals or the bassline – and mixes it seamlessly into a new song as a remix.

It’s the same as a human-created remix, but better and faster thus freeing you up to focus on the set at hand.

Example 2: Playlist Creation

DJ AI can help you create pitch perfect playlists. The powerful algorithms, already in use by Spotify and others, can analyse tremendous amounts of listener behaviour data. The insights provided can help you choose a playlist that will work the best.

Ultimately, the decision of which tracks to include and when remains with you. But now you have the power and data to back up your decisions and produce a killer playlist with confidence.

Planning on DJing with AI? Get ready with DJ City

It’s understandable that the concept of an AI DJ is destabilising and scary. But with a harmonious blend of technology, creativity and adaptation, you can use this powerful technology to take your music production to a whole new level.

AI will shape the future of our world in many ways. So, embrace the new and be ready to adapt your skills to take advantage of everything AI has to offer.

For help, guidance or the right equipment to help you get started, get in touch with our team here at DJ City.

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