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25th October, 2023

The Best Trance Anthems from the 2000s

The 2000s had some of the best trance anthems of all time. It was an era of electronic music underscored by vibrant, exciting energy, and among the more iconic genres at the forefront of this period was trance. 

In many ways, the best trance anthems encapsulated the essence of the music industry of the time and for that reason captivated listeners’ attention. From the uplifting melodies and pulsating beats to the euphoric atmosphere that transformed the dancefloor, there are a number of unique anthems that stand out from that period. 

A Breakdown of Trance in the 2000s

One of the seminal developments of the 200s was the surge in electronic music events and festivals around the world. This explosion of interest and public attendance fuelled the development of some remarkable trance anthems.

What determines if a track is a trance anthem?

Trance anthems are the term used to refer to songs that truly encapsulate the core elements of the genre. These songs transcend the level of simple musical tracks and become an experience that resonates, captivates and affects listeners. Some feature soaring melodies, others hypnotic rhythms, and some progressive structures that build anticipation to a climax before a euphoric payoff. 

Of course, a list of the best trance anthems ever is ultimately subjective. But we’ve selected tracks that have proven to stand the test of time, remain popular and have built a growing following of fans.

Some of the criteria we’ve used include:


1.Emotional resonance and connection

The best trance songs go beyond the superficial appeal and manage to evoke profound emotions and deep memories. They all connect in unique ways, whether inspiring introspection, igniting euphoria, or simply tugging on our heartstrings.


2.Innovative arrangements

There are tons of trance music tracks that are good and pleasant to listen to. But the ones that push boundaries in what can be achieved with a soundscape and arrangement are the ones we’ve prioritised. We love original compositions that resonate in a deeper and more true way than a standard, run of the mill trance track.



Enduring appeal is a mark of a truly great trance anthem. A product of its time, it manages to nevertheless transcend its origin and become captivating to audiences around the world and across generations. Universal in its emotion and appeal, the timeless quality of a trance anthem is distinct and critical.

2000s’ Best Trance Anthems Ever

1.Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix)

Silence is the first trance anthem on our list and we believe for good reason. This is a true classic of the genre and is an epitome of the style: The remix brings the original to new anthemic heights by its use of emotive vocals and a captivating build-up that still manages to get our heart racing.

2.Paul van Dyk – For An Angel

For An Angel is a unique entry on this list. Iconic to the last, the infectious melody of this track cemented van Dyk’s anthem into the hearts and minds of many a trance fan. The uplifting energy from beginning to end has ensured that it has remained a staple in DJ trance sets for the last two-odd decades.

3.ATB – 9 PM (Till I Come)

9 PM also has a ridiculously infectious hook and a catchy melody that will stick with you from the beginning to long after its end. A massive hit at the time, it continues to capture the essence and feeling of that euphoria that we’ve all experienced on the late-night dancefloor.

4.OceanLab – Satellite

Satellite has a distinct quality to it that merits its addition to our list of the best trance anthems from the 2000s. The iconic ethereal vocals are perfectly complemented by the backdrop of synths that combines to create something truly mesmerising for the ears and the heart.

5.Ferry Corsten – Beautiful

Corsten exhibited a true mastery of the craft of trance music with Beautiful. The lush harmonies are one part captivating and one part groundbreaking, and the progression through the track succeeds in keeping you engaged the entire time.

6.System F – Out of The Blue

Another track from Corsten, though this time under the name System F, Out of the Blue was and remains a trailblazing anthem in the trance genre. Long celebrated for its rather iconic and original melody, it has a relentless, breathtaking energy to it that makes it perfectly suited for the dancefloor. 

7.Rank 1 – Airwave

If you’re looking for true euphoria from your trance anthem, Airwave brings you everything you need and then some. The distinctive lead riff has proven iconic to fans of the genre and even its progressive structure manages to entrance and inspire listeners at the same time. 

8.Gouryella – Tenshi

Corsten returns again, but this time under the alias of Gouryella. Tenshi intertwines some impactful  melancholic melodies with uplifting and game changing beats to deliver an anthem for the ages. 

9.Chicane feat. Bryan Adams – Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up straddles the line between trance and pop, but the infusion of different genres’ elements works. Combine that with the marriage between Chicane’s signature sound and emotive vocals of Adams and you’ve got a winning anthem in our books. 

10.Push – Strange World

We’re rounding off our list of best 2000s trance anthems with the hauntingly beautiful track Strange World by Push. The captivating vocal snippets only add to the mysterious atmosphere of the track and help create a truly extraordinary trance track.


Create Your Next Trance Anthem with DJ City

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