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Pioneer DDJ-RZX Video and Audio Controller

Recording Vocals for Beginners
21st October, 2021
Recording Vocals For Beginners: Achieve The Best Quality Sound

If you’re new to recording vocals and need a beginners guide to get things rolling then you’ve come to the right place. This blog will teach you how to achieve the best quality vocal using basic techniques and equipment. A good rapper buddy of mine recently wanted to record vocals to some beats I produced. […]

DJ Controller Blog
4th October, 2021
DJ Controller VS Turntables VS CDJs – Which Setup Is Best?

If you’re new to DJing, the number of setup options available can really be quite overwhelming. You’ve got DJ Controllers, Turntables, DJ Mixers, DVS Systems, CDJs/Media Players, Standalone Controllers, the list of equipment is endless and you’d be forgiven for not knowing which bits you need to buy. So today, we’re going to walk you […]

Complete DJ Setup
23rd September, 2021
Build a COMPLETE DJ Setup with JUST $500!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here with one click so you never miss a video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here with one click so you never miss a video! The landscape for digital DJing has changed dramatically over the years. These days, it’s easier than ever to start learning the craft and develop your […]

14th September, 2021
5 Reasons to Choose AIAIAI Headphones!

5 Reasons to Choose AIAIAI Headphones! Whether you’re a DJ, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, or even just a casual listener; having a good set of headphones is an essential part of anyone’s toolkit. But with thousands of options available, choosing the right pair for you can often be quite overwhelming. If you’re a DJ, you’ll […]

History of DJing
25th August, 2021
The History of DJing

1973 DJ Kool Herc is a Jamaican-born DJ who is now widely regarded as the father of Hip Hop. It all started back in 1973 where he developed the technique of mixing back and fourth between two identical records to extend the break. From there, Turntablism was born. 1972 In 1974, Technics released the very […]

13th August, 2021
How To: Create A Professional DJ Booth From IKEA Parts

Lets talk building a DJ Booth from IKEA parts! When it comes to getting yourself kitted out and geared up as a professional DJ, a lot of time, money and effort goes into getting high quality turntables, audio equipment like speakers, laptops and other gear. What many DJs forget is to spend some time (and […]

DJ Controller VS Mixer
30th July, 2021
What’s The Difference Between a DJ Controller and Mixer?

If you’re a seasoned DJ, you might be sitting here wondering why this article even needs to be made! But we all start somewhere, and this is a question we get asked almost every day! What’s the difference between a DJ Controller and a DJ Mixer? To put it simply, a DJ Controller is an […]

The Best Digital Pianos
26th July, 2021
BEST Digital Pianos & Keyboards for Beginners in 2021

Getting your hands on a high quality digital piano or keyboard is going to make a huge difference in the music you’re playing. Whether you’re just starting your journey learning how to play piano or you’re an experienced player; your gear is what’s going to help you create some amazing sounds. Allowing you to replicate […]

The Best DJ Record Pools
20th October, 2020
The Best DJ Pool’s in 2021 – 5 Record Pools for DJ Music

If you’re a DJ, you’re going to need some music! In this article, we take an in-depth look at 5 of the best Record/DJ Pools on the market. Whether you’re looking for intros, outros, acapellas, or original edits. DJ Pools allow you to download high-quality, DJ-ready versions of tracks that are sure to help get […]

Avoiding Copyright Issues On Your DJ Live Streams!
5th May, 2020
Avoiding Copyright Issues On Your DJ Live Streams!

Copyright and DJ live streams, where do we start! Thanks to Covid 19, many of us DJs are sitting at home not knowing when our next event or gig will come our way. If that sounds like you, there’s a good chance you’ve either performed a live-streamed DJ Set or thought about doing so; and […]

21st April, 2020
Online Teaching Tips: Where Should You Teach Online Classes?

Online Teaching can present itself in a number of different ways, and it’s a method that’s garnering more and more popularity by the day. Especially given the fact I’m writing this article during the midst of the global pandemic that is the coronavirus. Whether you’re a qualified school teacher moving to a new way of […]

Best Audio Interfaces for Music Production in 2020
17th April, 2020
The BEST Audio Interfaces in 2021 for Recording & Production

What is an Audio Interface? Choosing an Audio Interface: Buying Advice Inputs & Outputs Connectivity Budget Software Compatibility The Best Audio Interfaces Behringer UM2 – Best Entry Level Budget Choice MOTU M2 & M4 Focusrite Scarlett Series Steinberg UR22C Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2 Behringer UMC202HD Arturia AudioFuse Apogee Duet iOS 2×4 USB Audio Interface […]

How to use zoom
9th April, 2020
How to use Zoom: Tips for Teachers & Working From Home

Whether you’re working from home, teaching remote classes, webinars or running regular meetings; Zoom is an incredibly powerful conference tool that’s capable of much more than simple face-to-face video meetings. Thanks to COVID-19, more people than ever are teaching remotely and working from home, which means a lot of you will be using Zoom for […]

Highest Paid DJs
18th March, 2020
The Worlds Highest Paid DJs & Electronic Acts (TOP 15)

Since 2012, Forbes Magazine has been running an annual list, revealing the highest-paid DJs and electronic acts for each year. Featuring all your favourite EDM acts that have been dominating the industry over the last few years including; David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, and Steve Aoki. Notably, since the introduction of the list in […]

Best Australian DJs
19th February, 2020
Who are the BEST Australian DJs!? TOP 20 List

A number of Australian DJs are currently making waves all across the globe. Having a prominent influence on the DJ scene as well as re-defining and re-imagining entire genres. With a thriving DJ and club scene and several homegrown successes, it’s hard to crown the best Australian DJs, but we’ve done our best! Read on […]

The Best Hip Hop Producers
5th February, 2020
Who Are The Best Hip Hop Producers of all time? Top 20 List

Originating in the 1970s, Hip Hop was born in the Bronx, New York City. But before there were studio-bound Hip Hop producers; DJs such as Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster Flash solely used Turntables to create loops, breaks, beats, and scratches. Then, innovative samplers and drum machines such as the Roland TR-808, Fairlight CMI, […]

What Are The Best DJ Headphones - DJ City Buying Guide
29th October, 2019
What Are The Best DJ Headphones? A Buying Guide by DJ City (2021)

Whether you’re gearing up for your first gig, or just looking to improve your setup, a good pair of DJ Headphones will go a long way. Sure, you can use any old pair of headphones or earphones with your setup; but a good pair of DJ headphones will help you take your set to the […]

How To Sample A Song - A Complete Guide To Sampling
10th October, 2019
How To Sample A Song: A Complete Guide To Sampling

The definition of sampling involves taking a portion, or “sample” of a song or recording, and reusing it as an element of a new recording. Typically done with a sampler such as an MPC, or digitally using your favourite DAW accompanied by a MIDI controller such as the popular MPK Mini. Sampling has been a […]

5th March, 2019
How To DJ – The Complete Beginner To Expert Guide In 2021

How To DJ – The Complete Beginner To Expert Guide In 2021 In order to answer the question How to DJ? We’ll are going to have to figure out what a DJ actually does. The art of Dj-ing is a skill that is gained over many many years. Before you have even decided that you want […]

1st September, 2017
Native Instruments Spring Sale 2017!

Native Instruments Spring Sale 2017! This September, we’re having a Native Instruments Spring Sale! Select from a massive range of DJ Equipment and Studio Gear from world-renowned brand NI! Get the best gear at the best price! Don’t miss out! Sale ends September 15th 2017. *Please note, there are no rain checks, no lay-bys, and no back […]

7th July, 2017
Flash Lighting Sale!

Flash Lighting Sale July 2017! For the month of July, we’re having a flash lighting sale with special online pricing as well as an additional discount in-store! Select from a massive range of DJ effect lights, laser lights, moving heads, wash lights, smoke machines and more! Get the best gear at the best price from […]

1st June, 2017
Save Up To $700 on Native Instruments Komplete 11 Bundles!

SONIC PARADISE PROMOTION For a limited time only, save BIG on Komplete 11 Bundles! A fantastic promotion from Native Instruments which gives huge discounts on all Komplete 11 and Komplete 11 Ultimate Updates and Upgrades. With these incredible deals, you can save up to $700! Bundle selected products with Komplete 11 to receive massive savings! […]

26th May, 2017

New Melbourne Store Coming Soon! The team here at DJ City are proud to announce the opening of our 6th store and newest showroom location! We have been supplying our Melbourne customers via our Dandenong, Ringwood and Oakleigh stores for years. Now DJs, musicians, producers and those alike can visit us near the CBD and see the latest products […]

23rd May, 2017
Buy Any Maschine Hardware and Get 7 Maschine Expansions for FREE!

Maximum Maschine For a limited time only, purchase any Maschine hardware and receive 7 expansion packs for FREE! That’s a massive $553 worth of expansion packs for FREE! FREE Expansion Packs are: Queensbridge Story (Hip Hop) Molten Veil (Tech House) Motor Impact (Techno) Prismatic Bliss (Ambient Electronica) Sierra Grove (Modern Soul) Lilac Glare (RnB POP) Solar […]

10th March, 2017
NEW Reloop RMX-90 DVS Mixer

NEW Reloop has Landed! The highly anticipated RMX-90 DVS DJ mixer has arrived at DJ City! We first saw this incredible club mixer at NAMM this year and were truly blown away. With the return of DJs spinning vinyls, there came a high demand for a high-quality, affordable mixer with a built-in DVS-ready interface. Similar to […]

27th February, 2017
NEW Electro-Voice Microphone Range

DJ City have just landed stock of the elite Electro-Voice Microphone range. Here’s a brief overview of the EV new stock! ND76 $299 Dynamic Vocal Microphone This is an excellent all-around vocal performance microphone. Also available in a Switch model, this robust, high-performance, vocal mic is built for live and stage performances. Featuring a large diaphragm with cardioid […]

6th January, 2017
How To Clean Your Smoke Machine In 5 Easy Steps

Smoke Machines are arguably the coolest way to make your party a memorable, ultimate night. Seeing the beams of light cut across the dance floor right before your eyes (especially after a few drinks) makes us all get a little excited. Let’s face it; when the smoke machine starts, we’ve all tried to touch the lasers. […]

3rd January, 2017
NEW BEAMZ Products Have Landed!

DJ City have just received a massive range of brand new Beamz products! From laser lights, to strobes and bubble machines! Some of these highly anticipated products are on their way and will be arriving soon! Here are a few of our top picks from the new series! S1500 – $179 The Beamz S1500 is a […]

new years eve party hire packs
26th December, 2016
New Year’s Eve Party Hire Packs

Are you hosting this year’s New Year’s Eve Party? No need to panic! DJ City has hire packs with everything you need to have the best party and welcome to 2017! It’s important to think of a few things when booking your hire including: How many guests do I need to cater for? Do I […]

23rd December, 2016

We are very excited to announce that DJ City Brisbane will be opening in 2017! DJ City has grown in Melbourne, expanded to NSW and is now launching in sunny Queensland! Our brand new store will be located in Mansfield which is approximately 11 kilometres south-east of the CBD. This will be our first store in […]

5th December, 2016
How To Do A Christmas Display The Right Way…With Snow!

If you want to pull out all the stops with the Christmas display in your front yard this year, then you definitely need a snow machine. Snow machines are heaps of fun for the kids (and adults too – let’s be honest) and will turn an Aussie Summer into a White Christmas. They produce a […]

26th October, 2016
Ultimate Guide: Buying Powered Speakers

“Powered Speakers”. It’s a huge topic and can become quite overwhelming when purchasing your first system. Here’s our “Ultimate Guide” to help you gain a better understanding of what to look for when buying powered speakers. What are Powered Speakers? Powered Speakers, also referred to as “Active Speakers”, are often confused with “Passive Speakers”. The difference […]

djing tips top 10
20th October, 2016
10 DJing Tips: How to DJ

We’ve all been to a party where the DJ has been absolutely rubbish. It ruins the night, doesn’t it? The team at DJ City have a few DJing tips to share with you to prevent the night from becoming a flop. 10 DJing Tips Every DJ Should Know  #1 Music Selection Yes, I know, sometimes […]

halloween blog
10th October, 2016
Halloween Lighting Sale

Halloween Lighting Sale This Halloween, DJ City have created 2 exclusive Halloween Lighting Packs available for a Limited Time Only! Each package contains everything you need to enhance your Halloween themed party or spooky display. Sale also includes a range of Special Effect Lighting as seen below. Smoke Machines Smoke Machines are almost essential at any Halloween […]

Free shure headphones
7th September, 2016
Free Shure Headphones With JBL LSR3 Series Monitor Pair

Free SHURE Headphones!!! For a limited time only receive a FREE pair of Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones when you purchase a pair of the ever popular JBL LSR 3 series studio monitors from DJ City. JBL LSR 3 SERIES MONITORS Regarded as one of the highest quality affordable studio monitors the JBL LSR 3 series comes in […]

reloop mixtour
25th August, 2016
Reloop Mixtour Portable DJ Mixer and Controller

Reloop Mixtour Reloop Mixtour, Bigger and better news from the Reloop team, Reloop have announced their new portable DJ mixer and controller the ‘Mixtour’. Dj City are proud to announce that we will be stocking these units in the near future. The Reloop Mixtour is one of smaller and portable mixers that will hit the […]

Behringer Motor Series
1st August, 2016
Behringer Motor Series MIDI Keyboard with Motorised Faders

Behringer Motor Series, the German engineers and developers from Behringer have answered our producers prayers and have announced there Motor series keyboard. The motor series keyboard comes in a 49 key and 61 key with full motorised faders. The Motor Series has been described as ‘the first MIDI Keyboard with motorised mixing faders’. Behringer offers […]

Reloop RP7000 Gold
30th July, 2016
Reloop RP7000 Gold Special Limited Edition DJ Vinyl Turntable

Reloop RP7000 Gold Reloop RP7000 Gold, All right listen up. Word is there’s a shipment of special edition GOLD (not actual gold) turntables headed for our shores. To celebrate 20 years of creating superior DJ gear, DJ industry masters Reloop are releasing a strictly limited Golden Edition run of the already spectacular RP-7000 turntable. With […]

alesis VMini
18th July, 2016
Alesis VMini and VX-49 Midi Keyboard Controller

Alesis VMini and VX-49 Midi Keyboard Alesis Vmini Known for their high-quality, low-cost, performance and studio equipment. Alesis makes the products you need at the prices you want. The new VMini and VX-49 Midi controllers are no exception. The VMini 25-key controller is a compact, USB powered software controller which gives you powerful and intuitive […]

Pioneer DDJ-RZX
9th July, 2016
Pioneer DDJ-RZX Video and Audio Controller

Pioneer DDJ-RZX Pioneer DDJ-RZX The team from Pioneer have once again have out performed everyone’s expectations and are now releasing the ‘DDJ-RZX’. The DDJ-RZX features three- 7″ touch screens that will give you all access to Pioneer’s digital DJ system ‘Rekordbox‘ (including Rekordbox Dj & Rekordbox video plus pack). The DDJ-RZX is very similar to the […]