Behringer Guitar Pedals
8th July, 2016

Behringer Guitar Pedals behringer pedal

Behringer Guitar Pedals

Behringer Guitar Pedals, Not only does DJ City sell DJ Equipment we also sell musical including everyone’s loved Behringer foot pedal ranges new to DJ City. The Behringer Guitar Pedal Range are a cheep alternative with great taste and flavors with each guitar pedal.

Pick and match your Behringer guitar pedals and create any sound. From Graphic equalises to Overdrive pedals there is a pedals for all guitarist like a HD300 Heavy Distortion and a CS400 Compressor FX pedal for a Djenty Guitarist or a VP1 Vintage Phase Shifter and a UT300 Tremolo for a Psychedelic Guitarist.

After selecting and purchasing your guitar pedals you will need a case to hold them in for quick and easy set ups for live performances. The PB600 hold 6 Behringer guitar pedals with built in power supplies and patching cables. If your a hardcore guitarist the PB1000 would be your cup of tea. The PB1000 hold an astounding 12 Guitar Pedals all with built in Power Supplies and patching cables.

If single pedals aren’t your style, the Behringer FCB1010 is a MIDI controlled multi guitar pedal board. Load any of your sounds on to one of the ten pedals and use the 2 expression pedals to freely operate the MIDI channel.

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