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3rd February, 2017

Top 10 New Release Products from NAMM 2017: Part 02

The 2017 NAMM Show was a massive event as expected, with over 100,000 people attending the Anaheim Convention Center over the weekend.

There were some awesome new product releases that we are very excited to get stock of. With so many brands bringing out their new arsenal of gear for 2017, we decided to narrow it down to the Top 10 Products that you’ll be seeing in DJ City stores soon, so here we go!

If you haven’t already, read Part 1 of our Top 10 New Release Products.

#6 Arturia DrumBrute Drum Synth

Arturia’s NAMM booth this year was a synth heaven – big, loud and sometimes even irritating! With such a huge amount of units plugged in and turned up for demo, synth-enthusiasts enjoyed playing with all the new toys Arturia had to offer.

The Drum Brute was one that I just had to spend time with. Like all Arturia products, the look and feel of the DrumBrute is enticing and I had to give it a play. The DrumBute is a true analogue drum synth with 17 pure analogue drum sounds. I found this helped simplify creating a pattern on the fly. With my pattern tuned into the step sequencer, the fun began. The amount of individual manipulation you have over each sound is incredible; what you start out with will never sound anything like what you finish.

With master effects as well as pattern effects, it was easy to see this would be an ultimate drum machine in both a live and studio application.

Speaking of studio application, a feature that sets the Drum Brute apart from other drum synths on the market is the outputs. There are 12 individual outputs for each individual drum pad, which means in a studio scenario you could multi-track record your drum patterns and be able to mix in post production using single tracks for each sound, giving you even more ability to manipulate your sound.

  • Seventeen pure analogue drum sounds
  • Wide-range of controls allowing for many new and unique sounds
  • 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
  • Separate accent per drum
  • Step Repeat for creating ratcheting effects
  • Song mode for chaining patterns
  • Pattern effects such as Swing/randomness and Pattern Looper
  • Steiner Parker output filter with bypass
  • Twelve individual audio outputs
  • Headphone output with both 3.5mm and ¼” jacks
  • Create polyrhythms – Each drum track can be of separate length


#7 Pioneer TORAIZ AS-1 Analogue Synth


Pioneer as always had a mind blowing display at NAMM 2017. Their huge exhibit with every controller and DJ player set-up and ready to play was every DJ’s dream. Although the majority of Pioneer’s biggest releases have already been announced during 2016, this next product is something special.

The Toraiz AS-1 is special for a number of reasons. Apart from the product itself, the statement that Pioneer are making with this new instalment I think is the most exciting part. After the release of the Toriaz SP-16, we saw a powerful, colourful, feature-packed unit with the ability to significantly enhance your performances. Naturally, it ties in with DJing being a performance sampler that can be used alongside your Pioneer DJ set-up.

Now the Toriaz AS-1 is an analogue monophonic synth! It’s basically a very scaled down version of the famous Dave Smith Prophet-6 Synth. The AS-1 is a smaller unit, designed as a fully programmable small scale synthesiser. So apart from being very user friendly, sounding incredible, and having the ability to directly link and sync with the Toriaz SP-16; you may be asking why Pioneer has made a synthesiser?

For years, synthesisers and DJ equipment have been two separate worlds. Nowadays we see more and more products being released that can cross over between the world of DJ and Studio production, but the bridge between DJ and Studio has yet to reach its full potential. Now we see the biggest DJ brand in the world release a studio based product that has the ability to link into a DJ set-up.

It’s safe to say that this little synth from Pioneer is the beginning for a whole new range of cross-over products that will join DJ and studio equipment.

  • True analogue sound from Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6
  • Full programmability and 495 presets
  • FX from the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 synthesiser
  • Keyboard and Scale Mode
  • Performance Slider
  • Arpeggiator
  • 64-step sequencer


#8 Chauvet DJ Intimidator 375Z

As we get excited about cross-over products in the DJ world, Chauvet DJ hits us with a new release of their very own exciting cross-over product.

Chauvet have always had a clear division between their DJ based products and their professional range, but like most of the market, the demand for products that sit in between the professional and consumer level is high. Chauvet have recognised this and along with their new range of spot lighting and LED par can lighting, we have the latest Intimidator moving heads.

The Intimidator 375Z moving head has the potential to cater for both the professional and consumer market which is easy to see in its specifications.

For example, we have a bright 150 watt LED ideal for large events (professional feature).

The 375z works with Chauvet’s IRC-6 remote (consumer feature).

The 375z uses powerCON connection (professional feature).

There is a specific totem mode which is designed for users that mount their movers on top of a truss totem (consumer feature).

The list goes on, but again we are excited to see a product that can be used for an even wider range of applications. Nicely done Chauvet DJ!

  • Exceptionally bright, 150 W LED moving head spot designed for large events
  • Motorised zoom for short-throw or long-throw applications
  • Unique ¼-turn hanging bracket allows for single or dual clamp mounting options
  • Dual rotating prisms splits the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area
  • Beams always remain on the dance floor using the built-in, innovative Totem mode
  • Emit crisp projections at almost any distance using the motorised focus
  • Works with the IRC-6 for wireless control and triggering
  • Activate built-in, automated and sound-activated programs, or control in DMX or Master/Slave mode
  • powerCON®-compatible power input/output connections for power linking


#9 KORG Monologue Synthesiser


The Korg booth at NAMM was another spectacular display of all their new synths plugged in and ready to be played.

The monologue was a favourite out of all the new Korg synths. The harsh and gritty monophonic sounds of the monologue were epic.

One of the best features that the monologue has to offer is the 16-step sequencer laid out with 16 individual backlit buttons. What I found most impressive about the sequencer was the ability to change and adjust the motion sequence through the small digital display screen. It was easy enough to select the individual step and adjust the parameters which allowed for complex sequences.

I really liked the five colour variations in Red, Black, Blue, Sliver and Gold made with anodised metal. The colours aren’t powder coated or plastic due to its metal top. The Korg Monologue is a solid keyboard with a tough exterior.

  • Analogue synthesiser with all-new synthesis structure optimised for amazing monophonic sounds and sequences
  • Fully programmable, with 100 program memories (80 presets included)
  • 16-step sequencer with extensive motion sequence technology to make your sound move
  • Micro tuning lets you freely create scales and alternate tonalities
  • Oscilloscope function helps visualise the waveform in real time
  • Battery-powered for portability
  • Rugged and stylish with aluminium top panel, chassis-mounted pots, rubber-coated knobs, and real wood back panel
  • MIDI, USB MIDI, and Audio Sync for all types of in-studio and live connectivity, including direct sync with minilogue, SQ1, volca, electribe, and more
  • Five colour variations that will shine on stage or in the studio


#10 Gemini SDJ-4000 DJ Controller


Gemini has a lot of new products on offer in 2017, with some really exciting new single media players which will integrate with the current MDJ-1000, and a new production style controller which we will see later on in the year.

The point of interest on the Gemini stand this year was this guy, the SDJ-4000 DJ media player. But wait ….. didn’t we see something similar at last years NAMM show? Well yes, in NAMM 2016, Gemini showed off the SDJ-2000 in a glass cabinet, however, after further R&D they advanced straight to the SDJ-4000. What makes this new DJ media player impressive, is that we now have a 4 channel all-in-one standalone DJ media controller. It features similar abilities to something like the XDJ-RX in that the Gemini SDJ-4000 can DJ without a computer, but using a controller style layout and a high resolution 7 inch full colour screen. It displays all the essentials like moving waveform display and also shows other important song information like locations of loops and cues.

The make or break for this controller will be in its price point. We’ll find out more in the coming months.

  • Totally embedded solution – no computer required.
  • Connect up to 2 USB drives, or use Ethernet Link to connect to one of our other media players.
  • Two microphone inputs with independent mixing and EQ control.
  • High resolution 6” platters with touch sensing for accurate DJ performance.
  • 100mm high-resolution pitch faders for precise track BPM adjustment.
  • 45mm Mini-Innofader crossfader with adjustable curve.
  • 16 Silicon rubber performance pads with RGB LED lighting.
  • Channel effects for fast, hands-on sound manipulation.
  • Multiple master effects with selectable routing.
  • Four-channel mixer section to allow connection of multiple analogue sources.

So that is our Top 10 Products of NAMM 2017 that you’ll see in DJ City stores soon. Hopefully you’re as excited as we are about some of these new, game-changing products.

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