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1st February, 2019

2019 Top 10 Namm Releases Pt2

The top 10 Namm releases aren’t complete without these 5 killer pro audio advancements.

6. Krk Rokit G4’s

Loaded with V Series features, these Rokits have been engineered a level up from the previous Rokits.

With Kevlar Tweeters, Kevlar Woofers, an LCD Screen to run the built-in DSP. The DSP a first in this class, or at all? Promising to help you correct your room through the use of the specially developed KRK App.

The App will help you with room correction and can be used with the 25 eq presets on the G4’s or even other monitors.

The range consists of 5inch, 7 inch, 8 inch and 3way 10 inch model that can be mounted horizontally and comes shipped with the EVA foam to do so.

Some serious upgrades for the Krk lovers to appreciate and, all of this comes in at the same price point as the previous generations of Rokits…

7. Technics 1200 mk7

The MK7 is on its way; the classic design is in matt black including the tonearm.

Updates include; A coreless direct drive motor for more rotation accuracy, power & reliability, the newest motor control tech, improved tracking, a new stylus illuminator, a reverse play function & adjustable torque to suit your style.

Lighter, sleeker, stronger.

No top 10 list would be complete without the Technics SL-12200 Mk7… Reloop has been making waves with the forward-thinking RP-800mk2.

Does the MK7 have what it takes to remain at the top of the turntable game?

8. Mackie DRM Powered Series

A flagship series of powered loudspeakers, the DRM Professional were announced by Mackie. Comprising a complete line-up which includes the 1600W 12″ DRM212, 1600W 15″ DRM215, 2300W 15″ 3-Way DRM315, 2000W 12″ DRM12A Array, and 2000W 18″ DRM18S Subwoofer, the speakers have modern DSP effects and colour displays.

Designed to be stackable, top boxes can stack up to 4 and Subs can stack up to 2 while not compromising on sound if you don’t. An innovative design from Mackie, aimed at creating powerful quality audio that is affordable with ease of use.

The DRM Series Professional Powered Loudspeakers feature class-leading power, Advanced Impulse™ DSP for unmatched clarity, and the DRM Control Dashboard™ with a full-color display for easy control. Engineered to be accessible the DSP is controllable with 1 twist & push knob.

DRM Control Dashboard™ features a high-contrast, full-color display on the back panel for quick and easy setup. Custom transducers housed in touring-grade plywood cabinets for consistent performance.

ADVANCED IMPULSE™ DSP MODULE, is neat and in line with the Mackie power with ease of use philosophy.

“Mackie has always made intuitive control and ease-of-use a top priority,” says Redmon. “We needed a display that was easy to read and always shows you what is important at a glance. DRM Control Dashboard™ was the answer.”

Here’s a video from Namm on the Sound on Sound blog.

9. Native Instruments M32

Native Instruments have taken out the consumer price point claiming that  the M32 Micro Keyboard is feature heavy and travel ready… The smallest keyboard from Native Instruments the M32is bus powered and fits in your backpack while bringing the workflow from the S Series & A Series to a modern day electronic musician on the go. Costing only $189, and bundled with  Massive, Monark, Maschine Essentials & Ableton Live Lite,  makes this a powerful bundle from NI. The array of Komplete Instruments and already having your DAW means you can be making music straight out of the box.

Komplete Start is a new bundle from NI Komplete 12 ‘s lineup. You have access too 6 synth’s, 9 sampled instruments, and loads of modulation effects… Follow this to the NI Website & download because Komplete Start is free for everybody!

10. Minilouge XD

The list had to have an analog synth! Despite having 1 digital oscillator this is a worthy update to the formidable and affordable Minilogue four-voice analog polysynth.

The tasty additions include a four-voice engine and adds digital multi-engine effects, a tweaked filter with drive and a step sequencer that faaaaaar surpasses the predecessor.

The XD makes available features that were previously only present on the flagship Prologue, released last year. The biggest of these is the addition of a digital multi-engine as a third oscillator on top of the two analog oscillators. This has three modes: noise generator, Variable Phase Modulation (VPM)/FM, and user-definable oscillators that can be downloaded and installed. The filter has been tweaked so you can add a drive, To give those patches a more polished, production-ready sound, a digital effects engine has also been added. Modulation, reverb and delay effects can be used simultaneously and saved as user presets.

The Minilouge XD, Volca Drum and Volca Modular are all very strong releases from Korg this year.
Available in March.

I did say The Top 10 Namm Releases… These are definently worth a look and if you get a chance you should try to get your hands on all of em!

Elektron Model: Samples

At the lower end price wise from Elektron Model:Samples is a 6 channel groove box and audio interface that looks like a Digitakt lite. The new Model:Samples from Swedish trend-setting, music machine-making, Elektron, packs a punch and a half. This hardware groove box offers six tracks, a sound engine you’d expect from Elektron, high-quality digital samples from Splice, dedicated knobs (read: no insane menu diving), parameter locks (automation) and individual step lengths per track. A super accessible way to make electronic music… Tasty.

Palmer Studimon5

Palmer, leaders of the DI game and they have been working hard at the engineering they’re the first Studio Monitors the Studimon5’s. Wood paneled 5-inch studio monitors, that they expect to see in studios and more.

Arturia Audio Fuse

Expanding on the Audio Fuse range with the AudioFuse Studio being the center of your studio monitoring. A modern day mixing desk of sorts. Available from April to May, here is the manufacter’s website for the spec heads.

The rack-mountable Audiofuse 8pre is USB C, and comes with the AudioFuse Creative Suite. The little rack ears can be folded down into feet! Neat as..

I managed to stretch the Top 10 Namm Releases into 13 for 201 and it was hard work getting the list to this point! For now, I’m going to go and check out the merch. 🙂

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