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Elektron Model: Samples Sample Based Groovebox

Elektron Model: Samples Sample Based Groovebox is an affordable, compact, and lightweight six-track sample based groovebox, offering professional features in a small form factor. There’s never been an easier way to get into Elektron’s acclaimed sequencing and sample mangling than with the Model:Samples groovebox. Featuring six tracks, 300 high-quality sounds from Splice.com, ranging from kicks, snares, and hi-hats to otherworldly and exotic effects and strikes for sonic explorations into new rhythmic waters. All sounds are easily tweakable thanks to the set of one-to-one controls on the front panel, dedicated knobs for every function. Adjust pitch, decay, cutoff, and resonance, as well as sample start, sample length, LFO, and more. Each internal voice includes its own multimode filter and assignable LFO, as well as dedicated delay and reverb effects sends for each sound. Step-record or record in real-time using the six onboard velocity-sensitive pads. Model:Samples offers a ton of potential for hands-on creativity. Record your ideas on the fly with 6 velocity-sensitive pads, or dive into the sequencer to craft your ideal patterns. With 1GB of storage, you have plenty of space to load your own custom samples. And each of the six audio tracks can be a MIDI track to sequence your other hardware, which means the Elektron Model:Samples could be the master sequencer you’ve been looking for.

Like all other performance machines by Elektron, the Model:Samples offers parameter locks, which allow any sound-shaping function to be sequenced to any point on the sequencer resulting in powerful effects that are accurately timed. What’s more, any parameters that have been adjusted can be undone at the press of a button.

  • Six internal audio or MIDI tracks
  • Six velocity sensitive pads
  • One sample playback engine per track
  • One multimode filter per track
  • One assignable LFO per track
  • Delay and reverb send FX per track
  • 96 projects
  • 96 patterns per project
  • Elektron sequencer with up to 64 steps per track
  • Real-time or grid recording of notes and parameters
  • 64MB sample memory
  • 1GB storage
  • Two 1/4” balanced outputs
  • Headphone Output: 1/4″
  • High-speed USB 2.0 port (micro-USB)
  • MIDI In and Out/Thru: Two 3.5mm standard audio minijacks (TRS)
  • Includes two 3.5mm to 5-pin DIN adapters
  • Includes power supply and micro-USB cable
  • 6 Tracks for Internal Audio or MIDI
  • 6 Velocity-Sensitive Pads
  • 1 Sample Playback Engine per Track
  • 1 Multimode Filter per Track
  • 1 Assignable LFO per Track
  • 64MB of Sample Memory + 1GB of Storage
  • Delay and Reverb Effects Send Per Track
  • 96 Projects + 96 Patterns per Project
  • MIDI In and Out/Thru via 2 x 3.5mm TRS
  • 2 x 1/4″ Main Output + 1/4″ Headphone


Tracks: 6 Total (Audio or MIDI)

Pads: 6 x Velocity Sensitive Pads

Projects 96 Projects

Patterns 96 Patterns per Project

Sequencer Elektron Sequencer with Up to 64 Steps per Track

Recording Real-Time or Grid Recording of Notes and Parameters

Sample Memory 64 MB

Storage 1 GB

Effects & Controls:

  • 1 x Sample Playback Engine per Track
  • 1 x Multimode Filter per Audio Track
  • 1 x Assignable LFO per Track
  • 1 x Delay Send FX per Audio Track
  • 1 x Reverb Send FX per Audio Track

Connectors Outputs: 2 x 6.35 mm

Headphone Output: 1 x 6.35 mm

MIDI Connectors:

  • MIDI In: 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Audio Minijack
  • MIDI Out/Thru: 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Audio Minijack

USB: High-Speed USB 2.0: Micro-USB

Power: PSU-4 Power Adapter: 5 VDC, 1 A

Dimensions: (W × H × D): 270.0 x 180.0 x 38.0 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg


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