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25th January, 2021

This year, the annual NAMM 2021 Convention looked starkly different from what we’ve come to expect. However, that doesn’t mean your favourite brands strayed from releasing heaps of new gear! NAMM 2021 virtual Believe in Music week has now come to an end with plenty of exciting announcements, including a number of massive ones from Korg in particular!


Korg at NAMM 2021

Korg was arguably the busiest of our brands at NAMM this year. Not only did they release the brand new Modwave synthesizers as well as a new ARP 2600 M and MiniKorg 700FS. They also announced a full-size version of the wavestate, a new USB digital piano, and teased a couple of exciting things including a VR Studio and a new Drumlogue!

Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer

The Korg Modwave gives you a synthesis powerhouse with wavetable timbres, Kaoss Physics, and Motion Sequencing 2.0.

In 1985. Korg’s DW-8000 combined digital wavetables with rich analog filters, and it’s still a cult favourite today. Now, the Modwave builds on the legacy of the DW, transforming it into a monster modern synth. Boasting incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, and immediately satisfying hands-on control. So you’re able to take advantage of unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases.

BUY: Korg ModWave

Korg ARP2600M

The Korg ARP 2600 M brings back the legendary ARP 2600 in a more convenient size. The ARP 2600 is arguably one of the most iconic and famous synthesizers of all time.

With the ARP 2600 M, you get the much loved sound of the original, in a compact and portable format. Not to mention a number of added features that make it the perfect incarnation of a historic piece of gear!

Korg MiniKorg 700FS

The Korg miniKORG 700FS was the first mass-produced monophonic synthesizer released in 1973. During a time when the form of synthesizers as complete musical instruments had not been fully established. After lengthy experimentation, the miniKORG 700 brought the world of synthesizers to a huge group of users. Offering a number of simple operations that were capable of extreme changes in your sound and loved by musicians worldwide.

Now, the miniKORG 700FS brings you an authentic revival of the original miniKORG 700S. But you’ll also find a number of added functions such as an arpeggiator, spring reverb, and aftertouch. This fully-realized analog synth was developed in conjunction with the original designer, Fumio Mieda. So you can guarantee the circuit schematics will be faithfully represented.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7

The baby brother to the new DJM-S11, the Pioneer DJM-S7 Scratch Style 2-Channel Battle Mixer gives you the freedom to bring your own unique style to every performance. Enabling free use of Serato DJ Pro, the DJM-S7 is also a hardware unlock device for Rekordbox. So you can use performance features in either application.

Alesis Q-Series

New from Alesis is a brand new range of Q-Series MIDI Keyboards. These simple MIDI keyboards have everything you need and come with a great software package to get you started making beats, or learning to play the keys! With full-size, velocity-sensitive, synth-action keys and USB-Power!
BUY: Alesis Q-Series

Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Pro Pix

The Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Pro Pix takes wash and effect lighting to new heights thanks to its dynamic power and high-end, rugged features. An incredibly powerful par, the SlimPAR Pro Pix is a hex-colour (RGBAW + UV) wash light protected by a road-ready diecast aluminum housing. We’re definitely excited to get our hands on this new SlimPAR!

Mackie Onyx Mixers

Adding to its impressive range of PA Mixers, Mackie has launched the new and powerful Onyx series with USB. Sporting the award-winning Onyx Mic Preamps thousands have come to know and love! These are packed with features including high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz recording, powerful DSP, and more

KRK Subwoofers

KRK Subwoofer
KRK’s new lineup of redesigned subwoofers are perfect for reproducing the low end of your mix—ensuring that you’re giving your tracks the exact amount of bass you desire! They also give you heaps of connectivity options with XLR, 1/4″ TRS, and RCA inputs and outputs that will suit any of your studio monitors.

ElectroVoice EVOLVE 50M

Expanding on its renowned Evolve series, ElectroVoice has just announced the new EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker system. Featuring QuickSmart Link digital audio and control technology (connect two 50M systems – double your mic/line inputs and mix the whole band via the app), along with an onboard mixer, DSP and effects. So there’s no need to bring additional gear to the gig.

Universal Audio Heritage Editions

The new Apollo Heritage Editions announced at NAMM 2021 deliver a premium software suite of 5 or 10 award-winning UAD plug‑ins titles — including the full Collections from Teletronix,® Fairchild,® Pultec,® Helios,® and UA — conveniently packaged with big savings!

Rane ONE

Another huge release during the NAMM 2021 In Music Week was the RANE ONE DJ Controller. The first motorized platter DJ Controller of its kind, the Rane ONE could be the best Serato DJ controller to hit the market yet! Aimed at DJs who can’t get enough of that authentic vinyl-like feeling, this DJ Controller is sure to turn some heads!


The Roland MV-1 VERSELAB gives you an all-in-one music production studio that helps you capture, refine, and finish your ideas. Boasting a fluid, hands-on workflow, the MV-1 Verselab simplifies music-making with vocal recording; pattern generators; thousands of ZEN-Core sounds; mastering effects; and so much more

BUY: Verselab

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