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25th November, 2016

JBL / Electo-Voice / LD Systems – How To Decide

JBL, EV and LD are all at the top of the range when it comes to professional portable sound systems. This raises the questions – which brand is the best and which system is right for me?

Deciding on which system is best for you depends on a few factors;

  1. What type of events will you be using the system for?
  2. How many people will you need to cater for?
  3. What you are prepared to spend on a speaker system?

It is also important to be realistic with your expectations of a speaker system in relation to it’s price. For example, a $600 speaker set-up may not be adequate for larger or open area events, in which case, you may need to consider a more powerful system.

Another consideration is if you require a subwoofer. Subwoofers help to enhance your systems low end (bass) and allows your speakers to concentrate on the mid to high frequencies. This make the whole system more efficient and will help to increase your overall volume and coverage.

Below we have created some comparative lists of our top selling speakers in their respective categories to help make choosing your system a little easier.

High-Range Powered Speakers


Brand JBL Electro-Voice LD Systems
Product SRX815 ETX-15P DDQ15
Current Price $2899 $1899 $2249
Size 15 Inch 15 Inch 15 Inch
Wattage 2000W 2000W 2800W
Frequency Range 36Hz – 21kHz 40Hz – 20kHz 38Hz – 20kHz
Peak SPL 137db 136db 136db
Amplifier Class D Class D Class D
DSP Yes Yes Yes
Features Wi-Fi Control via iOS and Android. SST Waveguide for consistent coverage. 1ms look-ahead limiter ensures distortion-free audio at all levels.


There is a massive price jump between EV and JBL and both systems offer amazing clarity and performance. With this in mind, the $1000 price jump can be hard to justify. On the other hand, the DDQ15 offers a very clear and defined sound. Even at maximum volume, this system won’t show any sign of distortion. The LD is also a ‘Touring Class’ speaker system as it projects the sound further than the EV or JBL. As a result, the LD truly is a stand out if you need audio coverage for larger events or functions.

Mid-Range Powered Speakers


Brand JBL Electro-Voice LD Systems
Product PRX815W EKX-15P GT15A
Current Price $1599 $1484 $699
Size 15 Inch 15 Inch 15 Inch
Wattage 1500W 1500W 1000W
Frequency Range 50Hz – 20kHz 48Hz – 20kHz  52Hz – 19kHz
Peak SPL 137db 134db 125db
Amplifier Class D Class D Class D
DSP Yes (DBX) Yes No
Features Wi-Fi Control via iOS and Android. SST Waveguide for precise coverage. 1 Inch Celestion Compression Driver


These are our most popular level of PA system, as they cater for 80% of our customers’ event requirements. Offering a great sound with clear highs and punchy bass well suited to a wide range of music genres. The main differences are the level of clarity and the price. Both the EV and JBL outperform the LD in power and clarity, but naturally, at twice the price you would expect that. The PRX815W is the stand out in this level. It features the ability to be tuned via the Wi-Fi controlled app and delivers an impressive power and frequency range even when the volume is turned up. In addition, you get JBL’s renown build quality and extended warranty for extra piece of mind.

But if your budget can’t quite stretch that far, the LDs are a great alternative at less than 1/2 the price. They are a great all-round PA with a smooth audio response and clear punchy bass. An excellent choice for bands and DJs performing at medium sized events.

Low-Range Powered Speakers


Brand JBL Electro-Voice AVE
Product EON615 ZLX-15P Ultra15
Current Price $749 $869 $699
Size 15 Inch 15 Inch 15 Inch
Wattage 1000W 1000W 1100W
Frequency Range 50Hz to 20kHz 55Hz to 18kHz 40Hz to 20kHz
Peak SPL 127db 127db 126db
Amplifier Class D Class D Class D
DSP Yes Yes No
Features Wi-Fi Control via iOS and Android. Digital Display with 3 EQ Presets Wooden Enclosure


These are the perfect systems for Bands and DJs wanting a great portable sound system for their gigs and events. These systems are budget friendly and have exceptional sound, but don’t have the coverage or volume that the higher grade systems have.

In this range, the stand out speakers are the AVE Ultra and the EV ZLX. Both have an impressive audio response and powerful bass, which is something the EON615 tends to lack a little of. In terms of portability, the ZLX is a clear winner, at only 17.3kg compared to the Ultra’s 28kg. The ZLX is the go to choice for mobile DJs and gigging bands wanting a great sounding, portable speaker system.



Brand JBL Electro-Voice LD Systems
Current Price $1899 $1484 $899
Size 15 Inch 15 Inch 15 Inch
Wattage 1500W 1300W 1600W
Frequency Range 36 – 98Hz 40 – 180Hz 35 – 200Hz
Peak SPL 131db 133db 126db
Amplifier Class D Class-D Class D
DSP Yes Yes No
Features Wi-Fi Control via iOS and Android. Intelligent Thermal Management Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection.


These active subwoofers are the perfect way to balance out your PA system. They are suitable for either the lower or mid range speakers above. Out of the three, the clear stand out is the EKX-15SP as it features a depth of sound that seems impossible for a sub of it’s size. With an ultra lightweight box, only weighing at 26.2 kg, it is one of lightest subwoofers in stock. This compact little sub has impressed the socks off of everyone that has heard it, as well as all the staff here. Though for a smaller budget, the LD GTSUB is worth a mention, delivering an impressive punch to balance out your sound, and priced around 60% of what the EV will cost you.



Brand JBL Electro-Voice LD Systems
Product PK-EON615 PK-ZLX15P DAVE15G3
Current Price $1599 $1749 $1599
Size 15 Inch 15 Inch 15 Inch
Wattage 2000W 2000W 1400W
RMS 1000W NA 700W
Peak SPL 127db 127db 132db
Amplifier Class D Class D NA
DSP Yes Yes Yes
Includes 2 x EON 615 15 Inch Powered Speakers

2 x Speakers Stands with Carry Bag

2 x ZLX-15P 15 Inch Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands with Carry Bag

1 x 15 Inch Powered Subwoofer

2 x 8 Inch Passive Satellites


The Dave system is one of our best selling pa systems – especially among mobile DJs!

It is an extremely compact set-up and sounds incredible for the price. With a Peak SPL of 132db, it really packs a punch and most of all, it is affordable! Although the other systems are a very good choice, they don’t come with an included subwoofer or deliver the full sound that the Dave has to offer, making it a stand out choice for many of our customers.

So there you have it! There’s the latest on which systems give the best value for money and performance. Sometimes the “big” brands can be overrated. You can achieve the same results for much less!

Don’t get us wrong though, all of these systems are fantastic, it just depends on your budget and application! In addition to price, you always have to consider that everyone is different and hears sound differently. The best way to decide on your system is to hear it for yourself!

To hear some of these systems and be amazed, please visit your local DJ City showroom for a free demonstration and chat about your PA needs.

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