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5 Ways To Get Your Music Heard: A Complete Guide For 2019
13th September, 2019

5 Ways To Get Your Music Heard: A Complete Guide For 2021

If you are an up and coming artist or music producer in 2021, chances are you are responsible for marketing your own music. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably not getting the number of plays and traction on your latest release as you would like. In this article, we go through 5 ways you can promote your tracks in order to increase the number of plays, as well as likes and followers.

Make good music

The first step in getting more people to hear your music is to make good music.

It sounds simple, but good marketing won’t make a bad song good, and it won’t help to get your music heard. You might get people to click through, but no one wants to listen to a song that even you’re not completely happy with. Neither will they engage with you, or follow you in order to hear more music in the future.

So spend some time refining your song or album into a work of art. Upload music that you’re proud of, and that your target audience will want to listen to. This is going to go a long way in getting your music heard by more of the right people.

But how do you know if a song or album is good or not? Should you upload something that isn’t quite perfect? This is where Soundcloud becomes a great option. With a lower barrier of entry, upload your music without pressure and receive valuable feedback. Allowing you to refine your tracks into a masterpiece that you can then share on platforms like Spotify when you’re completely happy with them.

That brings us to the next method.

Leverage all platforms

It’s important to utilize all the most popular methods of sharing and streaming at your fingertips. It’s all well and good to release your new album on Soundcloud. But if you’re not sharing your stuff on the several other platforms that are bringing in millions of users each day. You’re potentially losing thousands of new listeners and fans. And it could be the difference in your new release becoming a hit or not!

We recommend the following platforms for sharing:


As mentioned above, Soundcloud is the perfect streaming site for up and coming musicians to upload and start sharing their new tracks. Although widely speculated in some circles that Soundcloud was a dying platform. It remains one of the powerhouse streaming services in the market. As of March 2019 reaching up to 175 million unique monthly listeners. Massive numbers! Which you can imagine is only more in 2021!

With both a Free and a Pro version, there’s no reason for you not to get that new song you just finished uploaded today.


Spotify is the king of the jungle in terms of streaming services. With over 230 million unique monthly listeners, it’s hard to ignore the numbers. However, the high standing of this platform makes it a little bit harder to get your music shared, and requires a few extra steps. That’s why we recommend only uploading your official releases here, rather than those half done tracks you just want some feedback on!

Music and Podcasts on Spotify are delivered through either a Record Label or a Distributor. Meaning, if you’re not already signed to a Record Label. You’ll have to arrange distribution yourself. The good thing is Spotify work in collaboration with a few different companies that offer this service, making less work for you. There’s usually a fee or a commission involved which is why you should do some research on the best one for you. Spotify recommends both DistroKid and CDBaby.

With the introduction of Spotify For Artists, you can submit an upcoming, unreleased song for the team to discover and consider for editorial playlists. Also getting it included on your followers’ Release Radar playlists. Giving you more outlets to get your music heard.


About to release your new LP or EP? Bandcamp comes in handy for this one, giving you the power to control how you sell your music. Set your own prices, offer your music for free or even give your fans the option to pay what they want. Surprisingly when given the option, 40% of the time your fans will opt to pay something, rather than download it for free.

A free service to use, however, Bandcamp do take a small commission fee on your sales. Plus, in addition to streaming and buying digital music, you also get the option to sell physical copies and merch alongside it.

Social Media

By now, you should have an account on all Social Media platforms. As important as it is to create new music. It’s just as important to share and engage with your fans on your social networks.

Whenever you upload a new song, video, or piece of content. Be sure to share it on your Facebook page, Instagram account, and even with a TikTok video. An app that allows you to post quick and short little videos under 30 seconds long. Becoming increasingly popular and one that is surpassing several apps on the charts, and is currently the most downloaded app on iTunes at the time of writing.

In between music releases. Use the power of Instagram Stories to stay relevant in the eyes of your fans. Document your day to day life and provide constant updates, it’s impossible to over-share! It won’t be long until you’re the first person that pops up on your followers feed. Leaving your name subconsciously in the back of their mind.


Although primarily a video-sharing website. YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, so it is important to create your own channel for your music persona or band.

Upload and share new music, as well as documenting the process of your creations. Share videos of your bands latest gig, your DJ set that tore the roof off the club, and even videos of you making beats in your bedroom. People love to watch.

These are all ways to take it one step further in connecting with your fans, all while providing another outlet for potential fans to find and enjoy your music.

Another way to leverage YouTube to get your music heard is through submitting your music to playlist curators such as Majestic Casual, which we’ll talk more about in the next section.

Playlist Curators

Whether you’re submitting to Blogs, YouTube Channels, Spotify Playlists or Influencers (Vloggers and Instagram Accounts who may require background music). Leveraging the followers of other established curators and creators alike is a great additional method to get your music heard. It’s important when doing this though, to carefully target and contact the right people. As opposed to just any blog, bhannel or influencer with a large number of followers.

You wouldn’t contact a popular blog or youtube channel that only posts Electronic Dance Music and submit your latest old school Hip-Hop beat. In the same vein, it’s going to be much more beneficial to hand-pick 10 channels to write to organically. As opposed to sending a bulk email to 100 different blogs that is likely to get lost in spam.

Here are a few music curators for you to get started submitting your tracks, who are always sharing songs from up and coming artists:


UKF Dubstep

Chillhop Music

Majestic Casual

Engage with fans and fellow artists

The benefit of many of the online platforms mentioned in this article is the fact they are also active online communities, thriving on interaction. Which is why it is so important to interact with not only your fans but other artists. Because so often as upcoming artists and producers, our very first fans are also fellow artists.

So next time you’re online. Spend time looking for other artists who are putting out similar types of music to you. Consume, like, comment and follow the music that you enjoy. Doing this will put your name in their faces. Giving them an incentive to go looking for your music. It’s important when doing this to be organic, with the intention of making connections. People can spot a copy and pasted “nice track” comment a mile away. Provide value, and be organic, because it always pays off.

That goes for engaging with fans commenting on your work too. It’s important to make an effort to reply back to every single one of the comments or direct messages you receive. Something that gives that extra personal touch and brings you closer to your fans and the music community.

Cover Art

Something as irrelevant to the way your song sounds, but almost just as important in getting your music heard, is the artwork you attach to it. With the ability to make all the difference in whether someone presses play on your latest release or not. If your artwork doesn’t attract the attention of the listener, they could easily find themselves skipping over what could have been their new favourite song.

Whether it’s made up of an eye-catching image or a carefully crafted design, It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. But neglecting it can definitely be detrimental to your music.

Don’t stress if design isn’t your expertise. With plenty of avenues online, you can even go somewhere like Fiverr. Giving you the ability to have something custom-designed for your upcoming release for as low as 5 dollars. For that price though, don’t expect an amazing result, but it’s often a good place to start and can be better than ignoring it altogether.

Dont buy plays

Everyone wants to take the easy road, and it can be quite tempting to consider buying a few extra plays or followers for a small-dollar. But it’s not worth it in the long run. When you come across an account with 100,000 plays but only two comments, it’s all too easy to spot inauthentic engagement. Leaving you to lose credibility to anyone who may stumble across your account, lose the trust of your established fans and risk getting your account shut down altogether.

So go about it the right way. It might take a bit more time, but if you’re in it for the long run, you’ll reap the rewards.

What are you waiting for!

We’ve just shown you 5 great ways to help you get your music heard by more people today. It’s never been easier to get your music in front of more people. But that also means there’s more competition, making it harder to get noticed. But the artists who are succeeding are the ones who are taking action. So jump into your favourite DAW, make some music and share it with the world using these tips!

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