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9th December, 2016

5 Best Websites To Download Free DJ Music

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It’s a question we get all the time at DJ City. Where is the best place to legally download free DJ Music? You’re a touring DJ who regularly plays the same venues, but you’re running out of music! Or maybe you’re a mobile DJ who has the best DJ Controller, Speakers, and Lighting fixtures; but you’re just missing the tunes! In 2020, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, so we know you need regularly updated sets with original tunes that the guys before you just aren’t playing.

So without further or do, we round out our Top 5 FREE websites, as well as our Top 5 Paid Websites for DJ Music!


#1 SoundCloud


SoundCloud is very popular both for DJs and general listeners. Although there are some strict policies against copyright material, you can still find quality remixes and original music to add to your set. Some offer a free download, or simply a ‘Like’ on Facebook in exchange for a download. It’s also a fantastic platform to promote your own music!

#2 Bandcamp


Although it isn’t well known in Australia, Bandcamp is widely used in the US. Artists from around the world promote their music and give users the opportunity to support their favourites. All tracks can be played for free on the site with the choice of purchasing an album or a specific track at customisable prices. If you wish, you can pay more than required for the album or track. Some artists offer free music downloads with the option of giving a donation or joining their emailing list. This is a great site for supporting fellow musicians.

#3 Facebook


Much like SoundCloud, Facebook is a social platform where you can also find free downloads on an artist’s page. They may offer free downloads to all, or might need a “Like” in exchange for one.

#4 Noisetrade


Noisetrade is similar to Bandcamp. It’s a site where artists from around the globe can promote their own music in exchange for an email address and post code. If you really like their music, you are given the opportunity to tip them. You can find some incredible unknown musicians and tracks here.

#5 Jamendo


Jamendo offers loads of free music downloads, not just for DJs. Their site contains a large collection of music with some hidden gems to download for free and use in your set. You don’t need to sign up, just go to their site and browse away!


#1 Beatport


Beatport is the largest online digital DJ music store in the world.  Use this site to discover new artists and get high quality downloads.

#2 iTunes


Of course, everyone knows iTunes. Here, you can download high quality tracks from the most popular artists world-wide.

#3 DjTunes


DjTunes is very popular in Europe, as it’s primarily a European dance music site. Download dance music and mixes. This is one of Europe’s leading music sites.

#4 Traxsource


If you’re looking for underground music, have a look at Traxsource. They have collection of innovative music. With Trax you can preview and purchase high quality house music.

#5 Juno Download


Since 1996, Juno has been acquiring a huge catalogue of dance tracks available to download in a range of formats. This online dance music store originated in London and features many drum and bass tracks.

Extra Tip!


If you’re looking for new music and artists, take a look at Pandora Radio. Simply add a station using your favourite artist or song and it will generate a playlist of similar artists and tracks! You never know what you might come across and the best part…it’s totally free!

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