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2nd June, 2022

The Different Types of Party Light Effects 

Whether you’re a DJ or an event coordinator, creating a party atmosphere requires you to take many different factors into account. Lighting and light effects is one of the most significant ways in which you can set the tone and mood of a particular event.

As the industry has developed, and lighting technology improved, the number of types of different party light effects has only increased over the years. If you’re not quite sure what sort of lighting options are available or which are right for you, we’ve simplified it all for you.

In this article, we’ll break down some of the most popular options of party light effects so you can find the perfect option for creating the most memorable and enjoyable party possible.

LED and Stage Lighting

In this first section, we’ll run through some of the best options for using LED lights and focusing your party light effects on a concentrated area, such as a stage.

Multi-coloured LED Lighting System

A multi-coloured LED lighting system offers many advantages for your party. For one thing, you can customise the colours of your lights. This allows you to exercise as much control as you want. Don’t underestimate the power that the right colour lighting can have over an event. Soft whites and yellows make for a vastly different experience compared to greens, reds and blues. Many LED systems even come with an option to create and customise a light show with just a simple click of a button. 

Moreover, LED lighting systems give you enormous flexibility in how you place, adjust and focus the lights. You can angle them the way you want or hang/suspend them over a particular area. If you’re looking to light a large party area, it’s easy to use the various lights however you’d like. Concentrate them in one area or spread them out, it’s up to you.

LED Stage Lighting

LED stage lighting offers many of the same benefits that an LED lighting system offers, but with an additional focus on ensuring that the stage is lit up and ready to roll. While LED stage lighting generally comes in small packs, which is why they are great for indoor parties, you can always buy multiple lights to accommodate larger spaces or gatherings. 

In addition to LED stage lighting allowing you flexibility in the placement and angling of the lighting, they’re also self-standing so you can ensure your stage is being optimally lit from every angle.

Moreover, the handy remote that comes with most LED lighting is a must-have. You can control everything from the colour displayed to the brightness of the light- all from up on stage, without having to leave the space to reach the light system controls. 

Stage lighting is ideal for brightening up small rooms quickly and focusing the spotlight on a specific spot. However, if you’re looking at creating a whole atmospheric effect with your lighting, we’d suggest a full system as outlined previously. 

LED Chandelier Lighting

An LED chandelier is generally made up of multiple light tubes arranged and then hung to create a feature lighting effect. Of course, a chandelier is inherently less flexible in application and arrangement compared to an LED lighting system or stage lighting.

However, that doesn’t mean you should discount it entirely. This highly effective statement piece can be excellent for drawing eyes and attention to a particular area or for acting as a bold and effective aesthetic anchor to complement the rest of the party design. 

LED Outline Lighting

LED outline lighting can help you create a phenomenal visual and atmospheric effect for your party. Easy to configure into a variety of shapes, depending on your artistic skill and the number of LED lights you have budgeted for, you can do anything from creating a particular image out of lights or creating a gorgeous and welcoming entrance for party goers to walk through and ensure they are completely drawn into the vibe of the party. 

LED Laserlight Projectors

Laserlight projectors are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Super effective in smaller parties or even small-to-medium sized venues, you can arrange really unique light shows that will complement and encourage dancing and general fun and enjoyment.

There’s plenty of scope for combining the lightshow to music or creating a jaw-dropping display with multiple colours, angles and patterns. Most projectors can be remote controlled giving the event and party organisers all the flexibility they need in changing the pattern, speed and colours.

Disco/Mirror Stage Light

Classic, but by no means the lesser for it, a simple disco or mirror stage light can act as a real mood maker for your party. There are a wide range of different disco lights available on the market, of all types and sizes. Plus, the newer models come with energy efficiency features, increasing long battery life and even options to connect to a music player so it can automatically sync the light show to the track playing.

Disco stage lights can be used for small house parties or even large events in conjunction with other lighting. However you use it, this compact and easy-to-set up lighting effect can be adjusted, angled and placed to best suit your needs!

Stage Light Show

Somewhat distinct from general stage lighting, a stage light show aims to create a particular lighting effect as a backdrop to what’s happening on the stage. You can set the tone and mood of the party by ensuring that the visual lighting behind the stage is complementary. 

Stage light show systems come in different packs and sizes but it doesn’t require a heavy financial investment to find one that offers significant customisability and flexibility to suit whatever you need. 

Atmospheric Lighting Effects

Now let’s move into the less obvious options for lighting effects. While these types of lighting may be less immediately noticeable to party goers, they can be just as, if not more important in creating the right atmosphere.

Rustic Bulb Lighting

Strung up lines of rustic bulbs can help to create more than just practical lighting. These vintage-styled lights are effective at creating a particular vibe for your party particularly in outdoor or rustic-styled venues.

Foliage Lighting

When is a flower display not a flower display? When it’s made from a series of well placed lights! Fake foliage lighting displays can be used across venue walls to create and evoke the imagery of flowers and plants without any of the hassle, set up or cost of actual flowers!

Table Lighting

Table lighting can be used in many ways: The lights can be placed on or above the table, or even underneath to create a really effective and moody atmosphere. Depending on the style of table and tablecloth, adding light can highlight both the table, the accompanying fabric and make the entire venue all the more appealing. 

Lighting Box

A lighting box offers a fantastic opportunity to incorporate both a functional and highly aesthetic light system in your party. Depending on the size of the box, you can enclose a particular intimate area, surround the entire party or even highlight special attendees or spaces. From a visual point of view, the simplicity of an outlined cube shouldn’t be underestimated as it can really enhance the entire atmosphere. 

Outdoor Candlelight

There are few lighting options as classic and effective as candles. Whether arrayed across tables or around the entire perimeter of the venue, candles bring a really effective and welcome mood to a variety of functions and parties. Of course, nowadays there’s no need to mess around with wax and fire. Battery-operated candles can be just as visually effective, far more practical and even more cost effective over the long term.

Ceiling Silhouette Lighting

The ceiling space of your party’s venue offers plenty of opportunity to add to the party’s vibe. Using moving or set silhouette lighting you can create an almost limitless range of shapes and displays. Not only can this be highly appealing visually, it also ensures a constant sense of motion and movement to keep the party going and guests engaged. 

Letter Lighting

Setting up giant letter lighting can be fantastic for drawing attention to a specific message, such as congratulating a bride and groom. Moreover, in large or outdoor spaces they can double as an excellent aesthetic feature and provide plenty of photo and social media opportunities which is good both for the organisers and the party attendees. Another practical use of letter lighting is to demarcate or frame a smaller section of a larger area to outline where the party is to take place.

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