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27th March, 2017

Maui Generation 2

LD Systems new generation of column array systems have arrived and are ready for demo at DJ City stores. These powerful and compact systems are perfect for bands, mobile performers, and more!

Maui 28 Gen 2

The new Generation 2 version features improved power handling and output while maintaining the crystal clear audio. It now comes with an integrated 4-channel mixer with Mic, Hi-Z, Line, and Bluetooth connections.

With two 8” woofers, sixteen 3” full range transducers and dual 1” neodymium compression drivers this systems produces punchy low end, balanced mid-range and silky smooth highs. Driven by a lightweight Class D power stage, the Maui28  this beast can power 2000 watts.

As an added bonus, LD Systems’ DynX® DSP technology ensures top performance and distortion-free audio at all times. The included multi-band limiter prevents clipping, while the EQ, compressor and 3-way crossover create perfect time alignment.

Due to the line array configuration, there is extended coverage, high feedback resistance and extra wide dispersion that lets you perform without the need for separate monitors. It reduces floor and ceiling reflections, effectively eliminates side lobes and achieves a uniform pattern so your audience hears you the same from front to back row.

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ldmaui28g2_9 ldmaui28g2_10

Maui 11 Gen 2

Much like the Maui28, the LD Systems Maui11 Gen2 features improved power handling and now comes with an integrated 4-channel mixer.

This smaller unit includes three 6.5″ woofers, eight 3″ full-range transducers and dual 1″ neodymium compression drivers. Don’t be fooled by it’s size! It can still produce a punchy low end, and incredible sound. Like the Maui 28, this system is driven by a Class D amp with a massive 1,000 watts peak power.

Also included is the LD Systems’ DynX® DSP technology and features the line array configuration, achieving similar impressive results to the Maui 28.

ldmaui11g2_3 ldmaui11g2_4 ldmaui11g2_12
ldmaui11g2_9 ldmaui11g2_10

These systems are extremely popular and you’ll know why when you hear it for yourself! For more information, please give us a call or visit us in-store. You can even visit the LD Systems site.

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