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12th December, 2016

KRK Rokit 5 Generation 3 – Now in Elegant White!

Have a White Christmas this year with the ultimate, stylish studio set-up.

The KRK Rokit 5 White is available! The world’s most popular studio monitors can now be purchased in classy white.

The Rokit 5 Generation 3 Series have dominated the industry and have earned a superior reputation from professionals globally.

KRK Rokit5 G3W

These powered monitors are designed for premium performance and accuracy for your studio recordings and productions. They feature a 1 inch soft dome tweeter and 5 inch glass-Aramid composite woofer for the finest sound. The Rokits deliver high frequencies up to 35kHz and produces outstanding vocal clarity and extended bass response. The built-in bi-amped class A/B amplifier is capable of producing incredible SPLs of up 106dB.

To ensure detailed imaging while in the listening positioning, the clever Rokit 5 Series also features waveguide technology for optimum sound and performance. The front-firing bass port is designed to reduce boundary coupling which allows for flexible positioning in the room. KRK even engineered this unit with the surface in mind so as to reduce diffraction distortion.

The multiple, convenient input connections will ensure easy integration with any system configuration.

KRK have truly thought of everything when it comes to the Rokit Gen 3 Series. As a result, KRK have created one of the best studio monitors on the market which is highly sought after by professionals and home producers world-wide.

These Limited Edition, modern Rokits are exclusive to DJ City, so you’ll need to get in fast while stocks last!

KRK PK-Rokit5G3W

Rokit 5 White Package – Exclusive to DJ City


SAVE $50

Save BIG this Christmas when you buy a pair of White Rokit 5s. With this pack, you receive a FREE pair of isolation pads designed to improve monitor performance and reduce vibration transfer. This means you’ll have the ultimate studio package to achieve optimum sound and performance.


Studio Extras

To enhance your studio further, take a look at some extras you might enjoy! Might be great as a stocking filler too!

Studio Monitor Stands – $149

SAVE $40

The Gravity Studio Monitor Pack are high quality and have great value for money. Made from sturdy and extremely durable materials, allowing each stand to support a massive 50kg!




Vintage Microphone – $99

SAVE $30

A vintage microphone will add a classic touch to your set-up. For just $99, you can sing through a professional dynamic microphone which not only sounds fantastic, but looks awesome!


AVE VOX55 Vintage Style Vocal Microphone


MIDI Keyboard – $109

SAVE $50

If you’re looking for a compact MIDI keyboard to play in your studio, then take a look at the Impact-LX25. This 25-key keyboard features full size, velocity-sensitive keys and 8 trigger pads!


Nektar Impact-LX25 Keyboard top


See our specials page for more savings this December!

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