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2nd June, 2016

Gemini Mix2Go

Gemini Mix2Go has a built in Lithium battery with a battery life of 6 hours. No need to take lug speakers around with this controller, all the speakers you need are built inside the battery powered unit.

The Mix2Go has a large selection of audio inputs to choose from. The Mix2GO has a USB input to play music from on both of your 2 decks through your iPad and/or Tablet.
An AUX input to play audio from your phone or laptop, also Bluetooth capabilities from an IOS or Android phone. The Mix2Go also has a jack input for a microphone.

With dual RCA outputs to have the potential to play audio from an eternal source.
The Mix2Go also has built in LED lights at the front of the unit that can be set as an Automated pulsing setting or even Sound Activated.

With all this portability the Gemini Mix2Go starts at a very cheep price of $299.
Contact any of our DJ City Stores for a demo or give us a call.

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