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Focusrite Scarlett Gen2
23rd June, 2016

Focusrite Scarlett Generation 2 Audio Interface Range

What do you do with the best and most popular audio interface in the world?

If you ask Focusrite, they’ll tell you, make it better. The Focusrite Scarlett series has been the industry standard USB audio interface for professional and home studios alike for years and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon with the recent Gen 2 release.

The red box of wonder gets a complete overhaul with an even sleeker design, metal volume control knobs and massive sampling rates of up to 192kHz.

This is on top of the Focusrite super-low latency drivers which ensure accurate and rich recording capabilities with all major DAW’s and smooth operation of even the most intense VST’s.

What else could you want from an audio interface?

How about all-new, redesigned Scarlett series mic preamps which provide a much more stable gain structure, allowing you to properly and accurately set your levels for superior audio capture.

Alongside the new preamps, Focusrite have improved the Scarlett instrument input to make sure your interface will handle even the hottest of guitar pickups.

The new and improved Focusrite Scarlett is coming soon within all DJ City Store’s. Come and contact our friendly staff here to get more news on this professional audio interface.

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