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13th April, 2016

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Trio

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Trio, There is only one sentence to describe this moving head light, “More Than Meets The Eye”. This light will be surprise you in more than one-way.

This masterpiece has been designed to replace multiple fixtures and cater to almost any application.

It features a zoom from 7° to an impressive 53° making it ideal for spotting and washing, while the continuously rotation honeycomb allows you to effortlessly create some amazing show stopping effects.

With beam, wash and effect features allowing you to seamlessly change from a narrow beam to a wide wash with the motorized zoom.

Its continuously rotating honeycomb delivers the excitement of an effect light and you can generate complex looks easily with built-in, eye-catching auto programs with zone control.

Also includes DMX control allowing you to coordinate master/slave programs for up to four fixtures giving you advanced effects. Also including a IRC-6 remote so you have control at your fingertips from a distance.

With a selling price of $1699, this is one piece of equipment that you will definitely want in your arsenal.


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