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14th September, 2021

5 Reasons to Choose AIAIAI Headphones!

5 Reasons to Choose AIAIAI Headphones! Whether you’re a DJ, Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, or even just a casual listener; having a good set of headphones is an essential part of anyone’s toolkit. But with thousands of options available, choosing the right pair for you can often be quite overwhelming.

If you’re a DJ, you’ll likely be familiar with the Sennheiser HD25‘s which have been a staple in the industry for decades. Just as Audio Technica has been in the Studio realm. But today, we’re going to take a look at another leading brand in the industry. If you haven’t already heard of them, AIAIAI is a Danish audio company, and they’re completely revolutionizing the headphones of today!

High Quality Audio

Arguably the most important factor in any headphone purchase is sound quality. The next 4 points won’t really make a difference if they don’t sound good at the end of the day. Luckily, AIAIAI headphones sound amazing. As well as offering a range of different speaker units whether you’re looking at something for the studio, or in the DJ booth!

For instance, the new TMA-2 Studio Range S05 speaker drivers have been fine-tuned in collaboration with artists. Giving you a slightly wider soundstage and even better instrumental separation. Not to mention an improved sub-bass extension below 50Hz for a better bass response without compromising on those mid-range frequencies. All while the mid-range has become even smoother for a slightly brighter vocal and acoustic range.

On the other hand, the TMA-2 DJ Headphones feature the S02 speaker unit. Delivering a punchy and intense sound focused on bass and low-end that makes transitioning from one song to another easier than ever!


Another massive plus for AIAIAI is its stylish design. Not only are these headphones super comfortable to wear, but they look awesome! They’re not obnoxious and bulky like a number of other headphones on the market and you won’t find a massive logo on the side either.

Instead, you get a nice, sleek design across all headphone models that has become synonymous with AIAIAI. So you’re going to look good and feel good wearing them whether you’re in the studio, DJ booth, or just casual listening.


On top of that, a massive benefit of purchasing AIAIAI Headphones is its sustainability. If you’re someone who cares about the environment you’ll love the values that this company embodies. AIAIAI are always looking to minimise their impact on the environment and in recent years have drastically lowered their carbon footprint by as much as 80%.

They’ve been able to do this by not only reducing the size and weight of the packaging but also by using recycled materials. A great example of the sustainable materials used by AIAIAI is the use of Alcantara in the E08 Earpads. Alcantara is a 100% C02 neutral material and is as comfortable on the ears as it is environmentally friendly.

Backing up the environmentally friendly nature of AIAIAI, they’ve recently collaborated with Ninja Tune on a limited edition set of headphones. The TMA-2 Ninja Tune Edition speaker units have been made entirely of recycled Ninja Tune Vinyl.

Modularity & Future Proof

Furthermore, the modularity of AIAIAI headphones truly sets them apart from others on the market. Essentially, you’re able to customize any element of the TMA-2 headphones from the headband to the earpads and to the speaker unit. Allowing you to create a set of cans that are truly perfect for you and much more flexible.

This also means you only need one set of headphones to cover you for a multitude of situations. Rather than having to buy a different pair for DJing and a different pair for the commute, you can simply switch out the sound-isolating earpads for something more comfortable. Or even go for a Bluetooth-enabled headband that means you can go wireless when you don’t need that wired connection.

We also live in an age where technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid rate. The modularity of AIAIAI means you can rest easy knowing your headphones won’t be so easily outdated. You can always upgrade individual parts when you need to! Nor will you have to fork out the money for an entirely new set of headphones once your earpads become worn!


Trusted by Professional Musicians

What better accolade is there for a pair of headphones than when you see your favourite musicians rocking them all over the world. AIAIAI has teamed up with a number of renowned professional musicians that rep the brand on the road, in the studio, and live on stage.

With names such as Richie Hawtin, Bonobo, Charlotte de Witte, Kaytranada, and Young Guru on board among many more; you can be sure AIAIAI is a trusted brand in the industry.

AIAIAI Headphones – The Final Say

Well there you have it, our 5 reasons we love AIAIAI headphones; and why you won’t be disappointed if you choose them over some of the other popular options on the market. If you’re overwhelmed by the modularity, a great place to start is the new TMA-2 Studio and Studio XE headphones, or if you’re a DJ, the TMA-2 DJ is a great option. But no matter your end-use; the comfortable design, excellent sound quality and modularity means these might be the only headphones you need for a long time coming!


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