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16th December, 2016

5 DJing Tricks Every DJ Should Know

The purpose of a DJ is to play the music for the night in a smooth transition. However, it can get pretty boring if you just play one song after another. Add something special to the mix! Every DJ should know these 5 DJing tricks to use when mixing a track or even just as the song is playing! Be creative!

#1 The “Comeback”

The fader on your controller is gold! You don’t just need to use it to fade in and out of tracks, put it to good use! For this one, you need to know your timing. Count your bars! On the last beat of the bar, close the fader, and turn it back up on the first beat of the climax. This is a super dramatic effect that sounds incredible when done properly.

#2 The “Transformer”

Again, we can put the golden fader to work. This trick was first used by scratching DJs and might take a bit of practice to perfect. All you have to do is quickly move the fader up and down between 100% and about 70%. Be cautious where you do this in a song though. It sounds best when there is no beat. It almost sounds like a transformer, hence the name!

#3 The “Karaoke”

No practice required for this one. Just a crowd! When you play that track that everyone is dying to hear, give them a chance to sing it! As you get to the hook of the song, lower the fader just enough so that the crowd can hear themselves. Everyone loves a bit of karaoke.

#4 The “Beat Swap”

This will add some serious flavour to your set! If you’re feeling confident enough, you can take the beat from a song and swap it with the beat of a track that everyone knows! In doing so, you’re kind of creating your own remix! Using the equaliser on your equipment, take out the bass and a little mid of one song and swap it for the bass of another track. No one will be expecting it and when done right, it sounds awesome!

#5 The “Build Up”

Most DJ controllers and mixers will have a built-in filter. Using your filter you can create some adrenaline-pumping build-ups. Turn the filter up slowly to decrease the bass and increase the treble as you wait for the next drop. That way, when the bass returns and you move the filter back to its original position, it sounds like it’s coming back twice as powerful.

So there are our top 5 DJing tricks. How many of these do you already use? With a bit of practice, maybe you can use a few of these tricks at the same time!

If you’re in need of some assistance in selecting the right DJ Equipment to pull off these DJing tricks, please feel free to contact our friendly DJ City staff.

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