Tannoy GOLD 8 – 8 Inch Studio Monitor Single

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The Tannoy GOLD 8 brings you an 8″ studio monitor that provides the most accurate, uncoloured representation of your music as possible.


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Tannoy GOLD 8

The Tannoy GOLD 8 brings you an 8″ studio monitor that provides the most accurate, uncoloured representation of your music as possible. Sporting a beautiful, black and gold design, the GOLD 8’s have been designed to meet the demanding needs of audio professionals. Boasting the highest standards in technology and build quality, the GOLD 5 will impress whether you’re a seasoned professional, or picking up your first set of monitor.

The best studio monitors require the best drivers, and Tannoy delivers with their very own Dual Concentric Driver Technology. Offering unrivaled performance, the GOLD 8’s minimize the number of crossover points inside the critical response band. As a result, reducing any potential phase errors and giving you a more natural and accurate sound! Ensuring you enjoy a flat response, controlled dispersion, and a wider sweet-spot both horizontally and vertically.

Additionally, the GOLD 8 acoustically replicates the single point sound source you’d find in nature. So you’ll enjoy a natural performance with incredibly wide imaging “sweet-spot”. On top of that, GOLD 8 also has a highly innovative point source Tulip Waveguide with symmetrical dispersion; providing you with a broad soundstage with focused and accurate stereo imaging!

Finally, Tannoy GOLD 8 will suit any environment. Featuring HF Trim control as well as a rear panel filter switch; allowing you to adapt the low-frequency characteristics depending on the room you’re in.

  • Premium 300 Watt bi-amped nearfield studio reference monitor for accurate sound reproduction with outstanding definition
  • Ultra precise and neutral soundstage delivers non-fatiguing sound for extended listening sessions
  • Legendary Tannoy Dual Concentric driver technology provides class-leading phase coherence and point-source imaging
  • Front-firing bass port design allows for near-wall placement and ensures optimal low frequency performance
  • Next generation 8? Dual Concentric driver secures unrivalled musical articulation and outstanding dynamics
  • 1″ titanium tweeter with Tulip waveguide produces detailed stereo image with widened ?sweet spot?
  • Class-AB system with transducer-matched LF and HF bi-amplification for accurate dynamics
  • Continually-active XLR and TRS phone jack inputs let you connect up to 2 audio sources
  • Dedicated input trim, bass and treble controls let you optimize the audio for your listening conditions
  • Selectable automatic standby mode conserves energy
  • Tannoy – over 90 years of British audio innovation

Studio Monitor

Monitor Type: Active 2-Way

Enclosure: Bass-Reflex, Unshielded

Power Rating: 300 W

Drivers LF Driver: 1 x 8″ / 20.32 cm Dual Concentric Woofer

HF Driver: 1 x 1″ / 2.54 cm Dual Concentric Tweeter

Amplification: 1 x HF Amplifier: Class-AB

1 x LF Amplifier: Class-AB


Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz (at -10 dB)

Frequency Response: 54 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB

Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 110 dB

Maximum Input Level: +20 dBu

Analog Input Sensitivity/Gain: 0 dBu

Protections and Limiting: 2-Way Limiter, Limiter

Signal Processing

EQ 1 x HF Shelf

1 x LF Shelf


Crossover Frequency: 1.5 kHz

Crossover Type: Active


I/O 1 x 1/4″ TS Balanced Female Analog Input (10 Kilohms)

1 x XLR Balanced Female Analog Input (10 Kilohms)

1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Female Analog Input

1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Female Analog Input/Output


Power Consumption: 80 W

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.