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Shure SM86

The Shure SM86 is a cardioid (uni-directional) condenser handheld microphone intended for use in sound-reinforcement and recording applications. The cardioid pattern is effective in reducing ambient, off-axis noise making it a suitable option for use near stage monitors, loud instruments etc. The condenser element requires between 11 to 52 Volts DC phantom power and produces a sensitivity far greater than that of dynamic microphones. Condenser elements provide higher output levels, frequency response, and dynamic range resulting in studio-level sonic quality. A built-in 3-stage shock-mount minimizes handling noise and an internal windscreen reduces noise caused by wind and breath sounds. It’s rugged metal construction is made to withstand the rigors of touring and daily use.

Condenser Transformer

Condenser elements are more sensitive resulting in greater output level, frequency response and dynamics. 11 to 52 Vdc Phantom Power is required.

Cardioid Pattern

The Cardioid pattern reduces off-axis signal resulting in greater performance around stage monitors, loud instruments etc.

Internal Windscreen

An internal windscreen reduces noise caused by wind and breath sounds.

Internal Shock-Mount

The element is protected with an internal shock-mount structure that also minimizes noise caused by handling.

  •  Condenser cartridge for studio quality sound
  •  Tailored frequency response for a clear reproduction of vocals
  •  Rugged construction withstands the rigors of touring sound
  •  Cardioid polar pattern minimizes unwanted background noise
  •  Excellent choice for stage monitors and personal in-ear monitors
  •  Built-in three-point shock mount minimizes handling noise
  •  Two-stage “pop” filter reduces wind and breath noise


Transducer Type : Condenser

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Frequency Response50 Hz – 18 kHz

Sensitivity (1 kHz): -50,0 dBV/Pa / 3,15 mV/Pa

Equivalent Selfnoise: 23 dB(A)

Sound Pressure: 147 dB

Weight: 278 g


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