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RME Fireface UFX II

The RME Fireface UFX II is a premium USB audio interface that provides 30in | 30out channels of crystal-clear and transparent audio, at resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kHz. It offers four digitally controlled preamps, reference-class AD/DA converters, ultra-low latency operation combined with exceptional driver stability, and is ideal for recording, mixing, and monitoring applications in high-end home studios and commercial audio production facilities.

The Fireface UFX II offers a full range of connectivity options such as analog, AES/EBU, ADAT, and Wordclock I/Os. With support from USB 2.0 the unit also integrates with the company’s ARC USB remote controller (available separately). New features include pad-free microphone circuitry, improved AD/DA converters, optimized analog I/Os, and low-impedance phone outputs with plenty of power and volume to drive high- and low-impedance headphones.

The interface can operate in standalone and can be fully configured/set up at the device by using the three rotary encoders and the color display. It comes equipped with TotalMix FX, a real-time mixer driven by two powerful DSP processors, which allows for practically unlimited mixing and routing operations. The software offers 3-band parametric equalizer, low-cut, echo, reverb, compressor, expander, and auto-level for any output, and can completely replace an external mixer by creating multiple latency-free main, monitor, or headphone mixes. TotalMix FX can also be controlled from an iPad via the TotalMix FX for iPad app (available separately).

The Fireface UFX II includes an improved version of DURec (Direct USB Recording), which lets you record all inputs and outputs directly to USB thumb drives or hard drives, without the need for a computer.

  • 30-in/30-out USB audio interface
  • Top-shelf AD/DA converters, optimized analog circuits, and impressive SNR deliver crystal clear, transparent audio
  • Analog, ADAT, AES, S/PDIF, and USB 2 connectivity integrates into any production environment
  • 4 pad-free mic circuits yield +18dBu of maximum input level and 75dB of gain
  • Low impedance, high power headphone outputs provide superior monitoring
  • DURec port captures audio directly to a thumb drive
  • Integrates with RME’s optional ARC USB remote controller


Computer Connectivity: USB

Form Factor: Rackmount

Simultaneous I/O: 30 x 30

A/D Resolution: Up to 24-bit/192kHz

Analog Inputs: 4 x XLR-1/4″ combo (mic/line), 8 x 1/4″ TRS (line)

Analog Outputs: 2 x XLR, 6 x 1/4″ TRS

Digital Inputs: 2 x Optical Toslink (ADAT), 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)

Digital Outputs: 2 x Optical Toslink (ADAT), 1 x XLR (AES/EBU)

Number of Preamps: 4

Phantom Power: Yes

Headphones: 2 x 1/4″

MIDI I/O: 2 x In, 2 x Out

USB: 2 x Type A, 1 x Type B

Clock I/O: In/Out

Rack Spaces: 1U

Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable

Dimensions: 440 x 44 x 210 mm (without rack ears)

Weight: 3 kg


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