RME Audio is a German brand which specialises in designing and building professional audio hardware. Their extensive range of well-made audio interfaces are favourited among professional producers.

RME is a relatively young company, unveiling their first product in 1996, the DAM-1 audio analysis tool- a tool which is still heavily used today and is the keystone to all future product releases by RME. Throughout constant research and development of hardware and software solutions comes the recent release of one of the best audio interfaces for recording and referencing via USB, the Babyface. For Firewire uses, the Fireface is the weapon of choice. RME has received accolades from the press, public and individuals within the industry for their consistent and successful product releases and have earned awards and hordes of loyal fans and users for their revolutionary products that put professional quality, intelligent audio solutions in a aesthetically pleasing and user friendly design.