MWM Phase Single Remote with Wireless DVS

The Phase Single Remote is the first wireless DJ controller that lets you control tracks playing from DJ software. When using the Phase Single Remote you won’t need a turntable needle or timecode to control vinyl.

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Please note: That this package does not include a Phase Receiver that is required. This product contains a Single Phase Remote. It is made for Phase Essential or Phase Ultimate owners looking to add additional remotes. This package does however include a free set of 4 Magnetic stickers.

MWM Phase Single Remote

The Phase Single Remote is a wireless DJ controller that lets you control tracks playing from your DJ software. It provides DJ’s with the most reliable solution for non-stop performances in any situation. It also features a rechargeable battery with 10x hours of operating time on a single charge. This is a stand-alone remote that will effortlessly integrate with your current Phase system. It also includes 4x magnetic stickers.

A new way to perform

The Phase Single Remote will allow you to control tracks playing from DJ software. It does this by capturing the turntables rotation data and transmits it to a receiver wirelessly. The Reciever then processes the data and sends it to your DVS (Digital Vinyl System) setup. This means that the Phase Single Remote becomes a wireless DJ controller. It also means that you don’t need any turntable needles or vinyl timecode control. It is intuitive and easy to use as it offers outstanding communication quality and reactivity. Furthermore, it is completely uninfluenced by external and common DJ equipment issues and disruptions.

A revolution for DVS technology

A DVS or Digital Vinyl System works by syncing a digital time-coded controller used by a DJ. The Phase Single Remote provides you with the most reliable system for seamless signal quality in any situation. It detects every rotation of a turntable and instantly sends it to the software. It also detects the slightest movements and offers real-time audio control with absolute precision.

Forget all about external disruptions

When performing live it is very common to experience a lot of rumbles that cause vibrations on your equipment. The Phase Single Remote is completely unaffected by these external perturbations and provides. It will still provide you with full control of your DJ performance. It also takes into account common DJ equipment issues such as defective turntables. This means you can concentrate on your musical performance as the Phase Single Remote overcomes any disruptions for you.

The precision of standard audio records

The Phase Single Remote will smoothly integrate into any DVS thanks to its 2x Stereo RCA outputs. It is also compatible with Virtual DJ, Traktor and Rekordbox and just about any DJ software that uses DVS technology. It will give you back that sensation of mixing on standard audio records; without giving up on the comfort and quality of your digital DJ controller. The Phase Single Remote will provide the same movement and precision that you would normally get on a standard audio record. This even includes the extra slow ones.

The MWM Phase Single Remote is a True Companion

The typical working performer with travel a lot and play frequent shows. Therefore it becomes very important to rely on the equipment. The Phase Single Remote is a workhorse for the working DJ. It will provide you with up to 10 hours of mixing on a single charge. With 10 hours of playing time available; you will also have plenty of time to practice your performance without any concerns. The Phase Single Remote is a compact, robust and impact-resistant companion and is a must-have for any DJ performance.


DJ City also offers the Phase Essentials and Phase Ultimate DJ Solution at your local or online DJ City store.

  • Requires a Phase Receiver to work.
  • Compatible with any Phase Receiver
  • Easy to use: intuitive linking system
  • Standard size to fit any turntable
  • Up to 10-hour autonomy
  • Weight: 90.7 g
  • Dimensions: 129.5 × 71.1 × 30.4 mm
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.