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Gemini PK-TT1100USB Vinyl DJ Starter Pack

The Gemini PK-TT1100USB Vinyl DJ Starter Pack is the perfect vinyl DJ package for an aspiring DJ. With everything, you need to learn how to DJ the original way, with vinyl records. The pack comes complete with 2x Gemini TT-1100USB turntables, each fitted with cartridge and stylus and a built-in pre-amp. The 2-Channel Gemini MM1 DJ mixer lets you mix and cut songs, an essential part of any vinyl DJs setup. Rounding off the pack is a set of DJX03 headphones, so you can reference and cue the next song while the other is playing.

Gemini TT-1100USB

The Gemini TT-1100USB is turntable with USB connectivity. Built on a robust ABS base and enclosure with heavy, adjustable rubber feet, the TT-1100USB effectively eliminates external vibration feedback. It has an aluminium platter and a precision aluminium tone arm for road ready durability for superior tracking and skip resistance in the most difficult conditions.

Gemini MM1

With two line-level RCA inputs and a master RCA output, the MM1 provides all the necessary connections. For crafting a customized sound, this mixer boasts 2-band rotary EQ on each channel, allowing you to artfully blend the lows and highs of your tracks. And individual Gain Control gives you even greater command when crafting your mix. The MM1 also features a 1/4″ Microphone Input with dedicated Volume Control.

The MM1’s Headphone Volume lets you adjust the levels heard through the 1/4″ headphone out without changing the overall mix. Using the features to preview your mix helps ensure it sounds tight and professional for your audience.


  • Battle and club style design
  • +/-10% Variable pitch slider
  • Solid aluminium platter
  • USB computer connectivity for PC and Mac
  • Includes Audacity recording software
  • Line level RCA outputs (with built-in pre-amp)
  • Fully adjustable counterweight & anti-skating controls
  • 33, 45 and 78 RPM, reverse playback capability
  • Dual soft touch start/stop buttons
  • Motor Off button for slower braking
  • Professional mixer with 3-band EQ and gain on each channel
  • Two-line stereo channels


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