Gemini is one of the most recognised DJ brands in the world. After 40 years, they continue to produce innovative, affordable, quality speakers, DJ headphones, DJ MIDI controllers and more.

Gemini have been part of the growth of the entertainment industry since 1974 and are continuing to grow and provide high quality audio solutions to performers worldwide. Their range of powered PA speakers offer outstanding value for money, featuring highly reliable amplifier modules coupled with high-end components for great sound quality, even at extreme sound levels. Gemini has an impressive range of DJ CD players as well as MIDI controllers to turn your computer into a powerful and modern DJ workstation capable of mixing, sampling and remixing your entire collection of digital music files. Their CD players feature slot loading disk drives, responsive jog wheels and USB playback. Exclusive to some of Geminis top line players are such features as a large touch screen display and built in effects. Join the league of professional DJ’s and producers such as DJ Ah Yeahh!, Mr. Mig & DJ Journey with Gemini’s range of pro audio and DJ products.