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Beamz BTS350

The Beamz BTS350 is a versatile trussing adapter that allows you to mount your trussing to your stands. The metal construction ensures stability, durability, and allows you to mount up to 300kg onto the brackets. Built with adjustable mounting arms to suit a wide range of trussing standards from 150mm up to 350mm, and will work with both box and tri trussing sections. The BTS350 mount easily to your existing stand via the 35mm socket. The same standard speaker stands and the majority of lighting stands. Perfect for Bands, DJs, and production crews wanting a flexible mounting option for their truss systems.

  • Adjustable¬†brackets to suit 120mm to 350mm trussing sections
  • Supports up to 300kg
  • Fits standard 35mm stands
  • Including¬†pin locks and safety clips


Material: Metal

D1: 36mm

D2: 120mm – 350mm

SWL: 300 kg (max)

Dimensions: 460 x 75 x 225 mm

Weight: 2.4


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.