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Beamz 180068

The Beamz 180068 lycra speaker covers are an elegant way to cover your speaker tripod, enhancing the look of the stand and hiding cables at the same time. Made from specially designed 4-way stretch-to-fit fabric, it easily fits over your speaker stand and can be attached without the use of any extra materials. And measuring at 120cm is perfect for smaller sized speaker stands.

The Lycra material also evenly diffuses light, making it the ideal fabric to use with uplighting or back lighting. Allowing you to turn your speaker stand into a coloured lighting totem with the right wash light. A must have for any professional DJ wanting to enhance their set up.

  • Provides a clean and professional look to your venue
  • 4-way Stretch-to-fit fabric to fit any speaker stand
  • Covers 2 sides of the stands tripod
  • Illuminates when backlit to create lighting effects


Material: 4-way stretch Lycra

Coverage: 2 sides

Size: 120cm


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