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Zoom BCF-8

The Zoom BCF-8 battery case is the ‘must have’ accessory for your F4 / F8 Multi-Track Field Recorder. Designed to allow you to keep swap power sources with interrupting your recordings. Easy to use, simply load up your BCF-8 with 8x AA batteries (four on each side)and insert into the recorder. Perfect for film makers, recording engineers, and audio professionals on the move. Use the F4 and F8’s advanced power switching feature to it’s full potential by automatically switching between Hirose and AA battery power without interrupting your recording.

The lightweight, plastic BCF-8 is a perfect, convenient backup power companion for your F4 or F8 recorder.

  • External battery pack for F4 / F8 multi-track recorders
  • Seamless power switching for uninterrupted recordings
  • Takes 8x AA batteries
  • Compact design


Dimensions: 75 x 62 x 34mm

Weight: 39.7g (without batteries)


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