Yamaha ZG01 Game Streaming Audio Mixer

Yamaha ZG01 is Yamaha’s first audio mixer designed specifically for game voice chat and game streaming. ZG01 provides simple, intuitive management of all your audio signals without detracting from your overall gaming experience.

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Yamaha ZG01 Game Streaming Audio Mixer

The Yamaha ZG01 is Yamaha’s first audio mixer that you can use for game voice chat and game streaming.

This new mixer allows you to tailor the game audio; your voice, and the voice of the person you are chatting with. You can own your playback environment while simultaneously providing the ideal audio signal to both; your chat partner and the audience you are streaming to.

Simple, Intuitive Control for Gaming and Game Streaming

Designed for gaming, voice chat, and streaming, ZG01’s physical controls provide simple, intuitive management of all your audio signals without detracting from your overall gaming experience.

ZG Sound Processing for Ultimate Immersion

Yamaha’s new proprietary “ViReal™ technologies for headphones” has been further optimised for gaming to maximize your stereo headphones’ 3D sound quality. Enjoy powerful game sound with unprecedented realism.

FOCUS MODE/EQ: Hone Your Game Audio to Enhance Immersion

ZG01’s FOCUS MODE/EQ can suppress the sound of your own character’s voice or emphasizes the environmental sounds of the game audio. You can configure these settings to suit a variety of game titles, scenes, and playing styles. For example, you can focus on the sound of your opponent’s footsteps for a more authentic experience.

3D CHAT SPACE: Clearly Distinguish Between the Game and Chat Audio

With the ZG01 3D CHAT SPACE you will feel as if you were playing a game in the same room with your friends. By placing the other party’s voice in a virtual 3D space, it avoids overlap with game audio and voice chat. Letting you hear all your audio signals clearly and comfortably.

Powerful DSP Effects to Enhance Your Gaming Experience with ZG01

Customize your voice and game audio with zero-latency DSP processing to adapt to various virtual environments during gameplay.

  • For your voice: Voice changer, Transceiver/Radio voice effect, masking beep sound, and 1-Touch Echo
  • For game audio: ZG SURROUND and FOCUS MODE/EQ allow sound customization to suit your taste and gaming scene


The ZG01 Also Features:

  • Simple audio operation with carefully selected physical controls
  • A variety of DSP effects, such as a chat voice changer and authentic surround sound processing through stereo headphones
  • As 2-in/1-out HDMI ports that also work as an HDMI switcher and conversion adapter
  • A game streaming audio mixer that provides a highly immersive gaming experience.
  • Intuitive volume control designed for gamers and game streamers
  • High resolution (24-bit, 48 kHz) USB audio recording and playback
  • Flexible volume control with dedicated drivers that are recognized by Windows/Mac as virtual multiple devices
  • ZG Sound Processing (ZG SURROUND, FOCUS MODE/EQ, 3D CHAT SPACE, Voice changer, Transceiver/Radio voice effect… and more)
  • Effect button x 6 (3 for voice chat effects, 3 for game sound effects)
  • HDMI connection port x 3 (2-in/1-out, Audio out: 2ch 24-bit/48 kHz fixed, Video signal: Pass-through)
  • MIC input for condenser mics with +48 phantom power and mute button
  • Independent inputs and outputs for headset/ microphone with headphones or desktop speakers
  • 4-pole mini input/output (TRRS) for smartphones
  • ZG Controller (Windows/Mac) for precise parameter control
  • Windows/Mac support by USB-C connection
  • iOS and Android are supported by 4-pole mini input/output (TRRS)
  • USB-C Power input (5 V DC, 1.5 A)
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.