Yamaha DM3S Standard 22-Channel Digital Mixing Console

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The portable DM3 Standard compact digital mixing console features versatile capabilities that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. The DM3 Standard offers superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features.

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Yamaha DM3S Standard 22-Channel Compact Digital Mixing Console

Do More with DM3S

The word “compact” is often associated with limitations, and in the sound reinforcement world, often implies compromises in functionality, connectivity, or sound quality, and sometimes all three. Until now with the Yamaha DM3S, choosing a compact console has almost invariably been a matter of what you’re willing to sacrifice to get the capabilities you need in the space you have.

The new DM3 series of mixing consoles shatters this stereotype, offering superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features for live sound, streaming, and live or home recording and music production—a combination unmatched in any other mixing console this size.

In an ever-changing world that constantly presents new challenges as well as opportunities, DM3 mixing consoles give you the power and flexibility to do more with than you ever imagined with a compact digital console.

Raising The Bar For Compact Digital Mixers

In 1987 Yamaha released the first ever digital mixer, the DMP7, ushering in a new era of consoles that boasted greater functionality in a more compact design than their analog counterparts. Decades later the DM3 Series is setting a new standard for compact console performance, featuring versatile capabilities and extreme portability that make it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications and environments.

The DM3 Series comprises two models, the DM3 Standard and the DM3—the first compact console to be fully compatible with Dante technology, allowing for faster and easier setup with multiple devices. Both consoles feature a multi-language user interface that can be configured to make operation simple and trouble-free for users with different backgrounds and varying skill levels.

DM3 is equally at home in a live performance venue or your home studio. It’s easy to imagine taking a DM3 Series console to a gig, recording and streaming the audio, and then taking it home for editing as part of your DAW setup. Alternatively, you could use it as a main mixer for a small performance one day, and as a sub-mixer for live streaming the next.

A legacy of sonic purity

The ideal starting point for any audio engineering endeavour is transparent, uncoloured sound. All Yamaha mixers are built on that philosophy, with the goal of allowing engineers to capture the on-stage sound accurately, without coloration, and then add creative touches as required.

Capable of sampling rates as high as 96 kHz despite its compact size the DM3 Series continues this legacy of sonic purity. It’s the perfect starting point for mixing, recording, live streaming, or even installed applications.

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a digital console is the ease of operation. Get accessibility to powerful functions and features that would otherwise require a higher level of user experience. Not to mention, more outboard gear to actualize in an analog setup.

The DM3 Series exemplifies a “less is more” design philosophy. It utilises a 9” touchscreen and a single Touch & Turn knob for managing most of the console’s operations. This results in a user experience reminiscent of a smartphone.

Yamaha DM3S Highlights:

  • 8 + 1 fader configuration
  • 9-inch multi-touch screen
  • Input mixing channels: 16 mono + 1 stereo + 2 FX return
  • 8 + 1 fader configuration
  • 9-inch multi-touch screen
  • Input mixing channels: 16 mono + 1 stereo + 2 FX return
  • Busses: 1 Stereo, 6 Mix, 2 FX, 2 Matrix (Supports Input to Matrix)
  • Local I/O: 16 Mic/Line (12 XLR + 4 XLR/TRS Phones Combo) inputs, and 8 (XLR) outputs
  • USB: 18 inputs, and 18 outputs
  • 18 Effects, and GEQ on Mix 1-6 and Stereo channels
  • Sampling rate: 48kHz/96kHz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 320 mm × 140 mm × 455 mm
  • Net weight: 6.5 kg
Mixing Capacity Input Mixing Channels: 16 mono, 1 stereo, 2 FX return
Mix Buses: 6
Matrices: 2 (Input to Matrix supported)
Stereo Buses: 1
FX Buses: 2
Cue Buses: 1
Local Connectors Analog Input: 16 mic/line (12 XLR + 4 XLR/TRS Phones Combo)
Analog Output: 8 (XLR)
Dante I/O: No
Expansion Slot: No
Word Clock I/O: No
MIDI I/O: No (MIDI protocol supported)
USB: 1 (File Save/Load, 2 Track Rec/Play)
USB to Host: 1 (18 in/18 out audio interface, MIDI)
Ethernet: Yes
Foot Switch: No
Phones: 1
DC power IN: 1 (XLR 4pin)
Scene Memory Number of Scenes: 200
Recall Safe: Yes
Focus Recall: No
Fade Time: Yes (0s ~ 60s)
Preview: No
Selective Load / Save: No
Global Paste: No
Tactile Control Keys: No (on-screen)
Input Channel Functions Gain Compensation: No
Digital Gain: Yes (-24dB~ +24dB)
HPF: 20Hz ~ 600Hz
PEQ: 4 Band Full PEQ (RTA overlay support)
Dynamics 1: Gate / Ducking
Dynamics 2: Comp
Input Delay: Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms)
Pan: Center Nominal
DCA Group: No
MUTE Group: 6
Number of Inserts: 1 (V2.0 or later)
Direct Out: No
Quick Pro Preset: Yes
Output Channel Functions PEQ: 4 Band Full PEQ (RTA overlay support)
GEQ: Yes
Dynamics 2: Compressor
Output Channel Delay: Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms)
MUTE Group: 6
Number of Inserts: 1 (V2.0 or later)
Quick Pro Preset: Yes
FX Number of FXs: 2
Number of FX Programs: 18
GEQ Available Channels: Stereo, MIX1-6
Recording USB Memory Recording: Yes
Multitrack Recording: Yes (via USB)
Broadcast Functions 5.1 Surround Panning: No
Surround Monitor: No
Mix Minus: No
L-Mono / R-Mono / LR-Mono: No
Monitor Solo Mode: No
Oscillator: Sine Wave / Pink Noise / Burst Noise
Other Functions Port to Port: No
OSC Server: Yes
Wireless Mic Monitoring: No
DAW Remote: Yes
RTA: Yes
Output Port Delay: No
Cascade: No
User Level: Yes
Help File: No
User Interface Display: 9-inch multi-touch screen
Faders: 8 + 1
Channel Encoder: No
Channel Name / Color Display: Yes (On screen)
Custom Fader Banks: Yes
User Defined Keys: 6
User Defined Knobs: No
Touch and Turn Knob: Yes
Monitor Level Knob: No
iPad Stay: No
Rack-mounting: Yes
Software Editor: DM3 Editor
StageMix: DM3 StageMix
MonitorMix: Yes
ProVisionaire Control/Touch: Yes
Nuendo Live: Control integration: No
Console File Converter: No
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.