Vonyx VSA08BT – Bi-Amplified Active Speaker 8″ Inch 250W BT/MP3

The Vonyx VSA08BT is an 8″ Inch 250W high-power speaker. It has 2x built-in amplifiers (LF amplifier and the HF amplifier) that deliver great performance. The built-in amplifier unit features a BT receiver and USB port for MP3 playback.

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Vonyx VSA08BT Bi-Amplified Active Speaker 8″

The Vonyx VSA08BT is an 8″ Inch 250W high-power speaker. It has 2x built-in amplifiers (LF amplifier and the HF amplifier) that deliver great performance. The built-in amplifier unit features a BT receiver and USB port for MP3 playback. The bright LCD display on the back of the speaker also has an ID3 Tag for your MP3 data.

This means that all of the pertinent information for your music will appear automatically. For mobile use the VSA08BT features a sturdy ABS construction, it is still lightweight enough for the touring DJ. The built wheels and convenient handles on both sides make travelling and setting up the speaker easy.

The VSA08BT is a perfect speaker for any DJ or live performer and is just as suitable for stage monitor use and club installation.

Flexible Angled Design For Multiple Uses

With a frequency response between 80Hz – 18kHz, it makes the VSA08BT a fantastic speaker for fixed installations at venues and clubs. There is more than enough frequency range for delivering detailed music for the dance floor or functions.

The VSA08BT can also be used as a high-performance stage/floor monitor because it features a duel-angled cabinet design. Just tilt the cabinet on its side and use it as either a vocal or instrument wedge. Mobile DJs will also appreciate the VSA08BT as it features a built-in 35mm socket.

This means that you can use the VSA08BT with a tripod or even a pole-mounted system. The built-in 35mm socket also makes setting up and packing down easy and is perfect for those time-sensitive performances.

The Back Panel Of The VSA08BT

The back panel of the VSA08BT offers a great set of features. You can control the microphone/line input volume with the MICROPHONE/LINE VOLUME LEVEL KNOB. The VSA08BT is a very capable MP3 player and will even display the ID3 Meta Data on the LCD display. A dedicated MP3 VOLUME LEVEL knob has been included for volume control over your MP3’s.

Both dedicated knobs for TREBLE and BASS allow you to fine-tune your EQ and control the corresponding frequency channels. The VSA08BT also includes a LINE/MICROPHONE SWITCH that allows for switching between line- and microphone inputs. An XLR LINE/MICROPHONE INPUT allows you to connect a line/microphone signal input as the adjacent XLR MIX OUTPUT allows for a MIX OUT signal to be set out.

Media Player

As mentioned the VSA08BT includes an MP3 media player. The dedicated panel for the media player includes a USB SLOT so you can play media files from a USB device by connecting the device to this slot. The display shows multiple forms of information, for example, current MODE, elapsed time and MP3 ID3 information.

The MODE BUTTON allows you to change modes between playing USB, MP3 and BT. Both PLAY/PAUSE BUTTONs are present so you can control the tracks directly from the VSA08BT. A FOLDER BUTTON allows you to enter the folder details. The PREVIOUS BUTTON and NEXT BUTTON allow for switching between tracks.

Furthermore, if you HOLD on any of these buttons you can scan the track selected forwards and backwards. A handy remote control has also been included so you can control all the functions of the speaker with ease.

Finally, the VSA08BT includes a Bluetooth function where you can connect directly to your smart devices such as a phone or tablet. Just press the BT function in the MODE SECTION and stream music wirelessly through this versatile 250W 8″ Inch Active Speaker. 

  • 250W Bi-amplified 8″ speaker
  • Built-in Multimedia-player (USB)
  • Digital LCD display with ID3 Tag
  • Using BT wireless technology for audio streaming
  • Angled design for use as a stage monitor
  • 35mm socket for tripod or pole-mounting
  • Including remote control

Input connections: 6.3mm jack, USB, XLR (3-pin)

Output connections: XLR (3-pin)

Speaker type: Amplified

Amplifier type: Class AB

Output power max: 250W

Output power: 120W

Frequency response: 80Hz – 18KHz

Diameter woofer: 8”

Magnet type: Ferrite

Impedance: 4Ohm

SPL @ 1W/1m: 92dB

SPL max: 115dB

Power supply: 220-240VAC 50

Dimensions (L x W x H): 250 x 235 x 385mm

Weight: 6.65 kg

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.