Teenage Engineering OP-Z Bundle with Grey Bag & TRS Cable

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The Teenage Engineering OP-Z Bundle comes complete with an OP-Z Wireless Synthesizer, Bag, and OPZ Audio Cable.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Wireless Synthesizer And Step Sequencer

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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Audio Cable Right Angled - Straight (1.5m)

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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Bag – Grey Roll Up Bag

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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Bundle

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z Bundle comes complete with an OP-Z Wireless Synthesizer, roll up bag, and OPZ Audio Cable.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z gives you a completely portable, all-in-one synthesizer and 16-track step sequencer. Offering the ability to produce complete music tracks and sound effects; as well as boasting MIDI, CV, and trigger track sequencing capabilities. You’ll even enjoy the image, 3D, and DMX light sequencing.

Independently run all 16 tracks, while each step also offers component sequencing. Therefore, giving you even more options including; variations per cycle, note variations, micro-sequencing, direction, parameter changes, re-triggers, and more. Sporting 14 different components that each have 10 values and behavior programs. As a result, the OP-Z gives you a total of 140 ways you can alter a single step.

Featuring LED-backlit keys and glow-in-the-dark print, the OP-Z provides instant machine feedback. Making it perfect for dark stages and poorly lit environments. Rather than using a built-in screen, the OP-Z connects straight to your iOS device. Allowing you to take full advantage of the high-resolution retina display. Just download the free iOS app, pair your devices together, and further expand your feature-set.

Plus, use Photomatic to allow you to capture and arrange photos into synchronized “stop-motion photography”. Then, use effects and custom graphics to animate them in pace with your music. The OP-Z also takes advantage of dual-domain synthesis; ensuring you experience next to no latency when paired with your iOS device.

On top of that, the OP-Z is fully compatible with the Unity Game Engine. Allowing for 3D graphics that will run full speed on your iOS device. Complete with an included toolset that’ll alow you to create your own graphics and 3D animation. Finally, an updated tape feature secretly records everything you program into your sequencer. With its own dedicated track, you can sequence the tape, trigger the in-point, length and speed.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Yellow Roll Up Bag

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z Yellow Roll Up bag is the perfect case for your OP-Z synthesizer. Made up of Polyvinyl Chloride material (PVC), the OP-Z Bag has been designed to last. While also featuring two touch-tab fasteners that help keep the bag securely closed. Above all, the OP-Z bag can be used for transport or storage while protecting your synthesizer from dust and dirt.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z Audio Cable 750mm

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z Straight to Right Angle Audio Cable gives you a 1500mm/1.5m 3.5mm stereo TRS cable. With the OP-Z Right Angle Audio Cable, you have the ability to use it as a regular audio cable; although it does work seamlessly to sync your pocket operator with your OP-Z modular system.

  • Advanced 16-track synthesizer and sequencer
  • Independent length and speed for each sequencer track
  • Supports audio, MIDI, and Trg Track sequencing
  • Supports image and 3D graphics sequencing, as well as DMX light sequencing
  • 160 user-programmable patterns, with endless pattern chaining
  • Modular effects architecture
  • Choose from 14 Step Components to alter the behavior of any individual sequence track step
  • Completely portable with next-gen rechargeable battery and built-in mic for sampling
  • Free OP-Z iOS app allows you to pair an iOS device for use as a screen and graphics processor
  • Compatible with any iOS device that is Apple Metal Graphics Certified
  • Equipped with Analog Devices Blackfin 70X DSP and Cirrus Logic audio co-processor with 24-bit/48kHz DAC
  • 6-axis motion sensor (g-force) can be assigned to any synthesizer parameter
  • Includes USB C to USB A cable for charging and control

Type: Portable Beat Production with Sequencer

Internal Sound Engine: 16

Screen: Pair with iOS device

Sounds: Kick, Snare, Percussion, Bass, Lead, Arpeggio, Chords

Manufacturer Presets: 160 user programmable patterns

Sequencer: 16-track multimedia sequencer (midi, cv, trigger, image, 3D graphic, DMX lighting), 14 multi-program step components

Looper: Yes

Effects Types: Delay, Reverb, Filters, Tremolo and more (upgradeable modular effects)

Arpeggiator: Yes

Analog Outputs: 1 x 1/8″ TRS (line out)


Other I/O: Built-in MEMS microphone

USB: 1 x Type USB-C

Bluetooth: v5.0 LE

Software: OP-Z app

Power Supply: Battery powered

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.