Steven Slate Audio VSX Headphone System – Essentials Edition

Steven Slate Audio recognises that if you want the perfect mix. You’re going to need the perfect monitoring system. Thanks to the new Steven Slate Audio VSX, you can achieve just that. These are the best sounding monitoring headphones that let you emulate a number of famous studios and environments!

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Steven Slate Audio VSX Headphone System

Steven Slate Audio recognises that if you want the perfect mix. You’re going to need the perfect monitoring system. Thanks to the new Steven Slate Audio VSX, you can achieve just that. If you’ve been struggling to get your mixes to translate nicely outside of your home studio, it’s likely not even your fault. It’s your monitoring system and room to blame! Mix in professional rooms with pro speakers, and the task of mixing gets that much easier. As a result, your music sounds better too

The VSX Headphones

The VSX Headphone System starts with reference-quality closed-back beryllium driver headphones. Along with the Steven Slate Audio patent-pending Acoustic Ported Subsonics (APS). Delivering unrivalled lows by harnessing the air pressure to supercharge low-frequencies.

As a result, you get the most linear sound with precise transient detail as well as jaw-dropping sub lows. On top of that, the audiophile Slimline no-tangle cable relays your music in perfect linearity. It also featured gold plate connectors that make it the closest thing to wireless!

Beryllium Drivers

Boasting ultra-HD beryllium drivers, the VSX Headphone system reproduces your audio with maximum precision. Ensuring you hear details of your mix that you’d otherwise miss on standard headphones and monitors.

Acoustic Ported Subsonics™

What’s more, the VSX headphone system delivers the most authentic sub-low frequencies available. Harnessing typically unused air pressure, the VSX Headphone System offers extreme low-end that puts you right in the music!

VSX HD-Linear: The Perfectly Flat Reference

The VSX HD-Linear software gives you a headphone tone that’s so flat, you can mix in the most authentic form. It’s designed to be the ultimate blank canvas for the VSX software. Ensuring you have an accurate reference, every single time.

The VSX Essentials Software

Finally, the VSX plugin uses Steven Slate Audios Binaural Perception Modeling (BPM) algorithms to reproduce the 3D sounds of famous mixing studios; mastering rooms; car stereos; nightclubs; audiophile listening rooms; and industry-standard headphones. So you’ll feel as though you’re really there mixing on real speakers. Then, with the Level Match Bypass feature, you can compare your mix at the same level along with VSX HD-Linear emulation, flattening the bypassed signals.

  • Sonically neutral, dynamic, closed-black, hi-fi stereo headphones
  • Combine with VSX modeling software for multiple mixing environments and speakers
  • Beryllium drivers provide ultra-HD audio response
  • Patented APS system harnesses air pressure to optimize bass response
  • Custom analog tuning circuitry delivers a truly linear response
  • Multiple speaker options per room, global output speaker EQ, and head size options to personalize listening experience
  • Tested to withstand sweat, humidity, drops, temperature, and extended high-volume listening.
Open/Closed: Closed
Fit Style: Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance: 37 ohms
Cable Type: Detachable straight cable with gold-plated contacts
Cable Length: 2 meters (6.5 feet)
Plug Size: 1/8 inch with 1/4 inch gold-plated adapter
Color: Onyx/Galaxy Black
For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.