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The UR12 proves how many first-class components can fit into a compact device at a very competitive price point. Its cleverly engineered capabilities give you all the I/O you need to quickly record your tracks at a quality that would just a few years ago have seemed impossible on a recording device at this price point. The acclaimed D-PRE offers a sumptuously detailed, wonderfully dynamic sound, while the second input offers access to a Hi-Z input for guitars or basses. Featuring recording in stunning 24-bit quality at a whopping 192 kHz, the UR12 offers almost unheard of fidelity for recording in its class.

  • 2 Input/2 Output
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate at 24-bit resolution
  • iPad Compatible for high quality portable recordings
  • Single Class-A D-PRE Mic Pre
  • Latency-Free Hardware Monitoring
  • Loopback Function
  • Power Source Selector
  • Cubase AI Software Included
  • Compact and Rugged Housing



Computer Connectivity USB 2.0
Simultaneous I/O 2 x 2
A/D Resolution 24-bit/192kHz
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4-Inch
Analog Outputs 1 x (Stereo), 1 x 1/4-Inch (Headphones)
Number of Preamps 1
Phantom Power Yes
Bus Powered Yes (Switchable)
Dimensions 159 x 144 x 46 mm
Weight 850 g


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