Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 Competitive Crossgrade

Please Note: This Competitive Crossgrade version is for users of qualifying products* to upgrade to Cubase Pro 11 at a reduced cost. Requires a Steinberg eLicenser Key (not included).

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 Competitive Crossgrade

Please Note: This Competitive Crossgrade version is for users of qualifying products* to upgrade to Cubase Pro 11 at a reduced cost. Requires a Steinberg eLicenser Key (not included).

Steinberg’s Cubase Pro 11 Crossgrade is one of the most renowned DAW’s in the industry and is used by professional producers, composers, and musicians worldwide. Now, Cubase Pro 11 has taken this music production software to new heights. Offering a number of new composition tools, music-creation features, and enhancements to save you time.

Cubase Pro 11 gives you a number of included VST instruments and processing plugins. As well as more than enough sounds and samples to keep you going.

All in all, Cubase Pro 11 is one of the main choices for audio professionals for a reason. Giving you everything you need to create studio-quality productions.

Simpler Stems

Traditionally, printing stems is repetitive and time-consuming. With Cubase Pro 11, it’s faster than ever, while also less prone to errors. Sync your export selection to the selection in your project. Create and restore file format presets. Export the full signal path, including master bus effects. You can even collect your export jobs and export everything at once.

Sample. Slice. Move. Glide.

On top of that, the Sampler Track in Cubase 11 has a number of great new features. Firstly, slicing mode chops up your loops so they’re ready to play with a single click. There’s also two global LFO’s available that add motion and catch to your sounds. You can either go for a vintge feel, or the highest fidelity with the new quality modes. There’s even mono legato glide which is perfect for riding those 808 basslines.

Your Personal Scale Assistant

Another addition to your songwriting toolkit is the new Scale Assistant. You can set your songs scale in the Key Editor and follow its lead; quantize a solo to the scale; or play it live in perfect tune. You can change the view to only see the notes on the set scale. Even let the Scale Assistant analyze your MIDI recording and suggest the right scale. So there’s no more excuses for hitting the wrong notes!

Perfect Bends

Cubase 11 also brings massive improvement to the Key Editor. Allowing you to now create ramps and curves in the CC & Pitch Bend lanes, just as you would with automation. Set your pitch bend steps to semitones and you’ll always be perfectly in tune. Then, conveniently copy CC edits to another MIDI track, or delete MIDI notes with a simple double-click.

Amazingly Precise Dynamic EQ

Cubase Pro 11 also features Frequency 2. A dynamic equalizer that’s sure to give you a better mix. You can individually set each of its 8 bands to dynamic mode, making the filter node dependent on the input signal for precise mixing. As well as set a different side-chain for each band by using the multiple side-chain architecture of VST 3.

Enhanced Synchronization

Staying in sync with tempo changes is crucial for composing music. Now, Cubase 11 makes things easier with Global Tracks displayed in the key editor. Keeping your compositions moving along quickly and creatively.

Enhance EDM with Squasher

If you produce EDM, then you’ll love Squasher! Its a dynamic tool that combines up and down compression for up to three bands, making it super flexible in a number of situations. Help your lead sounds cut through the mix; tame your basslines; or enhance subtle, reverberaation. It’s easy to use and also sounds fantastic.

New Score Editor Features and Fonts

The Score Editor has also been enhanced with heaps of additions and improvements. Properties lets you instantly access the matching options and settings of your notation. While the Note Editing Overlay allows you to edit notes as conveniently as in the Key Editor.


The multiband Imager is another great tool that will help you to get a better, cleaner mix. You can place audio tracks in the stereo field independently in up to four bands, allowing you to expand or reduce the stereo width of your sound. The individual scope and correlation displays help you to get your panning absolutely perfect.

Visual Editing with SpectraLayers One

SpectraLayers One is a compact version of the acclaimed visual audio editing tool. SpectraLayers One allows you to visualize and clean up your audio with stunning results. But there is even more. Thanks to the state-of-the-art source separation engine, you can separate the vocal part from any kinds of audio tracks. Whether you want to remix your favorite song or create mash-ups, SpectraLayers One helps you to get started.

Super SuperVision

SuperVision is a fully customizable, multimeter audio analyzer for professional productions. You can choose out of several different modules for level, spectral, phase and waveform analysis, creating your own custom layout with up to nine module slots to give you a supremely accurate visual picture of your sound.

What’s New?

  • Frequency 2: This ultra-precise dynamic EQ is guaranteed to elevate your mixes.
  • Global Tracks: It’s easier than ever to stay in sync with tempo changes, markers, and more in the Key Editor.
  • Advanced Audio Export: New export queues make stem creation incredibly simple.
  • New Score Editor: You’ll appreciate this version of Cubase’s workflow improvements, complete with eye-catching fonts from Dorico.
  • Sampler Track 2: Benefit from powerful new features including slicing, LFOs, and legato slide.
  • Squasher: Improve leads, tame bass, enhance reverb, and more with this robust dynamic tool.
  • Scale Assistant: If you’re a songwriter or live performer, you’ll appreciate being able to analyze, follow, or quantize to a scale.
  • Advanced Key Editor: Creating spot-on pitch bends with Cubase’s MIDI CC editor is a piece of cake.
  • Imager: This time-saving tool provides multiband stereo placement for perfect panning.
  • New Samples: Bolster your arsenal with six fresh, exclusive sound and loop sets.
  • SuperVision: Upgrade your metering with this super-flexible, fully customizable tool.
  • SpectraLayers One: Enjoy powerful visual editing and audio source separation.
  • MultiTap Delay Surround Support: Craft ambient soundscapes in up to 5.1 surround.
  • VST Connect SE 5: Remote recording is as effortless as can be with this resizable HiDPI-ready interface.
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