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Skytec SPJ-800 8" Passive Speaker 200W × 2 Product Detail >>

Skytec SPL500MP3 Power Amplifier 500W Product Detail >>

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SPL500MP3 Skytec 2x250W Power Amplifier

A 2x 250W SPL amplifier with built-in MP3 player, for playing MP3 music from USB stick or SD card. The amplifier has several stereo RCA inputs for television, CD, PC etc.. There is a front 3.5mm jack to connect an MP3 player. With blue LED illuminated modern front panel..

2x SPJ-800 Skytec 200W 8″ Passive Speakers

A high quality passive 8″- 200W mid-low woofer in a strong ABS impact resistant cabinet for impressive sound reproduction.This light weight enclosure is complemented with a tough metal grille that protects the woofer. Recommended for use in bars, restaurants, small theatres and halls, fitness and conference rooms and stage monitoring.

Skytec SPL500MP3

  • 2 x 250W output power
  • USB port / SD slot-in
  • FM Tuner (Radio)
  • Blue LED illuminated frontpanel
  • 4 Selectable stereo inputs

Skytec SPJ-800

  • 8″ Powerful 200W mid-low woofer
  • High power piĆ«zo horn driver
  • Wide dispersion horn
  • Stand mounting with 35mm pole socket
  • ABS light weight system


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