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Shure BLX14S31 K14

The Shure BLX14SM31 K14 is a headset microphone system designed specifically for use by fitness instructors and in high humidity environments. The system comprises of a single channel receiver operating on the K14 (614-638MHz) frequency band, body pack transmitter, and a high quality Shure SM31 water-resistant headset microphone. Like the rest of the BLX wireless family, this system feature internal microphone antennae and a handy quick scan frequency for fast and easy set-up.

The BLX14SM31 system provides up to 14 hour run time from 2 AA batteries (body pack), can support up to 12 compatible systems (channels) per frequency band, making it ideal for use with smaller scale productions and with other wireless systems. Perfect for anyone needing a lightweight great sounding system for their fitness class, or performance.


***Eligible wireless systems include Shure’s SVX, BLX, BLX-R, GLX-D, GLX-D Advanced, & SLX range.

Redeem your SRH440’s via registration of your new transmitter and receiver on the Shure website, link in the banner above.

  • Great Audio Response
  • Transmission Band K14
  • Includes receiver and water resistant headset
  • Up to 14 hours battery life (body pack)
  • Trusted world wide by industry professionals
  • Great for speeches, performers, and presenters
  • Ability to run up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band
  • Durable Construction
  • Up to 100m (LOS) operating Range

Click here for a comprehensive frequency guide of your area


Product Type Wireless Headset Microphone
Transmission Frequency 614 – 638 MHz (K14)
Frequency Response 60Hz – 12kHz
Batteries 2 x AA Alkaline (each microphone)
Battery Life Up to 14Hrs (battery dependent)
Power Supply (receiver) 12–15 V DC @ 320 mA


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.