Sequential Prophet REV 2 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer

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The Sequential Prophet REV 2 8-Voice is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer that builds upon the success of the original Prophet ’08 synthesizer, but with an improved design and enhanced features.

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Sequential Prophet REV 2 8-Voice

The Sequential Prophet REV 2 8-Voice is an 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer that builds upon the success of the original Prophet ’08 synthesizer, but with an improved design and enhanced features. The Prophet REV2 retains all the sound capabilities including two digitally-controlled analog oscillators (DCO) per voice (plus octave on oscillator 1) with selectable sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle mix, and pulse-wave and pulse-width modulation, as well as the signature analog Curtis low-pass filter with 2- or 4-pole selections (resonating in 4-pole mode). Additionally, the synthesizer offers three envelope generators to control the filter and VCA, with the 3rd being assignable and offering ADSR + delay and loop capabilities.

Other notable features include the doubling of the modulation matrix, waveshape modulation on all waveforms, digital effects per layer in stacked or split voice mode, a polyphonic step sequencer per layer and more. The Prophet REV2 is compatible with any existing libraries or patches from the Prophet ’08. The instrument has inputs for a sustain pedal and expression pedal, which doubles as an input for control voltage for further sonic manipulation. Four 1/4″ unbalanced TS outputs provide audio output, while a stereo 1/4″ headphone connection allows for playing in quiet environments.

A Prophet ’08 — on steroids

The starting point was Sequential’s modern classic, the Prophet ’08. Says Dave: “The Rev2 is the realization of our effort to enhance and improve everything we could about the original design — all at a more accessible price.” You can even download existing Prophet ’08 libraries; not only will they sound spot-on, but you can enhance them with the new Rev2 features. The Prophet ’08 was, of course, an 8-voice synth. The 16-voice version of the Prophet Rev2 not only doubles the polyphony — you can allocate voices as you wish: deploy monster two-hand chords; stack two 8-voice patches for massive, intricate textures; split the keyboard into two independent 8-voice instruments and play duets with yourself. The sky’s the limit. If that’s more than your music requires, this 8-voice version still offers the same voice allocation flexibility, albeit with half the polyphony.

Curtis filters: classic design, incredible sound

The Sequential Prophet Rev 2 16-Voice largely owes its audacious, authoritative sonics to its per-voice 2/4-pole, resonant lowpass filters, based on the chip design pioneered by the late Doug Curtis. These are the same filters used in many classic synthesizers of the 1970s and ’80s — and also in the Prophet ’08. The filter section includes a separate Audio Mod control that lets you dial in motion and harmonic complexity.

Shape Mod gives you tremendous sonic flexibility

The Prophet Rev2’s two per-voice digitally controlled analog oscillators each feature four selectable waveforms: sawtooth, sawtooth+triangle, triangle, and square. The waveshape modulation feature lets you continuously vary the pulse width of any of the waveforms, infinitely multiplying your sonic possibilities. And the Shape Mod control allows you to manually dial in a specific waveshape width or use an LFO or other modulation source to continuously shift timbre. Even single-oscillator patches take on new depth and dimension.

Powerful FX engine and Mod Matrix

The beefy effects engine onboard the Prophet Rev2 serves up tasty reverbs, standard and vintage-style BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) delays, phase shift, chorus, ring mod, and distortion. With the Rev2 set up in split-voice or stacked mode, you can apply a unique effect to every layer. You can even modulate effects parameters using the Prophet Rev2’s Mod Matrix — a popular feature from the Prophet ’08. On the Rev2, the Mod Matrix is double the size, with eight individual slots and expanded sources and destinations. It’s a sound designer’s dream.

  • 8-voice polyphony lets you allocate voices as you wish
  • 5-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch
  • Dual DCOs, sub-oscillator, and 2/4-pole resonant lowpass Curtis filter per voice
  • Waveshape modulation, Modulation Matrix, bi-timbral operation
  • Onboard FX engine with reverb, delays, chorus, phase shift, ring mod, and distortion
  • Polyphonic step sequencer, advanced arpeggiator
  • Per-knob programmability and real-time tweakability
  • Crisp OLED display is easy to see on darkened stages
  • Integrated power supply, USB support

Sound Engine Type(s): Analog Oscillators (digital control)

Number of Keys: 61

Type of Keys: Semi-weighted with velocity and aftertouch

Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel

Polyphony: 8

Number of Presets: 512 factory programs, 512 editable user programs

Oscillators: 2 per voice (sawtooth, triangle, pulse)

Effects Types: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phase shifter, Ring modulation, Distortion

Arpeggiator: Yes

Sequencer: 64 steps, 6 notes per step

Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4″ (main stereo out), 2 x 1/4″ (B stereo outs)

Headphones: 1 x 1/4″

USB: 1 x Type B

MIDI I/O: In/Out/Thru

Pedal Inputs: 2 x 1/4″ (sustain, pedal/cv)

Other I/O: 1 x 1/4″ (sequencer)

Features: Waveshape modulation on all waveforms, polyphonic step sequencer per layer, 8-slot modulation matrix

Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable

Dimensions: 323 x 892 x 97 mm

Weight: 9.3 kg

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