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sE Electronics DM1

sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite Microphone preamplifier from sE Electronics is an active inline preamp intended to be inserted between a passive ribbon or dynamic microphone and a microphone preamplifier (sold separately). It can be used to deliver a robust 28 dB of gain to boost the audio signal of a passive mic, which improves the level to a preamplifier without adding noise or coloration.

With a sophisticated class-A design and high-grade FETs, the DM1 has a low self-noise. It is built with a dedicated output buffer amplifier allowing it to drive long cable runs and reduce RF interference, buzz, and hum. Additionally, the DM1 Dynamite Active Inline Microphone Preamplifier offers a roadworthy, slim, all-metal design ensuring reliable operation for on-stage applications in difficult environments.

Please Note: This product is not suitable for phantom-powered microphones

  • For Passive Ribbon or Dynamic Microphone
  • Provides 28 dB of Gain
  • Class-A Design
  • Low Self-Noise
  • Requires Phantom Power


Input: Passive microphone (ribbon/dynamic)

Output: Preamp/mixer or audio interface providing 48 V phantom power

Limitations: Not suitable for phantom-powered microphones (condenser microphones, active ribbon microphones)

Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 120 kHz (-0.3 dB)

Gain: 28 dB (load 1 kOhm)

Maximum Output Level: 8.3 dBV /2.6 V (0.5% THD)

Output Noise Level: 9 μV (JIS-A)

Powering: 48 V according to IEC 61938

Impedance: 135 Ohms

Load Impedance: >1 kOhm

Current Consumption: 3.0 mA

Connector: 3-pin male/female XLR

Dimensions: 1.91 x 9.55 cm

Weight:  79.9 g


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.